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Part 51: Playthrough 2.1 - Part 9

As you wish.

If you have been paying attention to the music, you may notice that the track that plays here also plays at the game over screen. Clever.

It is the time of year to decide any necessary adjustments to the royal budget. The majority of the money we receive is already spoken for, but there is always some room for discretion.

Based on the records and notes of current expenditures, if you maintain the current rate of tax, you will still have five thousand, one hundred and twenty gold lassi and thirty-two silver tilassi available for special projects. If you lower taxes, you will lose some of that money because it will go to pay your existing costs; if you raise taxes, you should have more.

Hmm. We have already used up about half of the treasury so far. So, should we change taxes? Next week, how should we deal with the criminal who claims to be possessed by demons? Also, vote for 3 classes.