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Long Live the Queen

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Part 52: Playthrough 2.1 - Part 10

If we adjust this and this here, most people won't even notice the difference. Only the ones who can afford it will pay more.

As you wish.

A maid taps at the door for attention.

Ah - The Duchess of Hellas is here to see you, my lady.

You came alone?

You wanted to speak to us about Julianna, didn't you? My brother knows nothing about her. He never did see what was right in front of him.

You mean, you and she -

Under his nose. Yes. With her reputation, I thought she might stay the course. Not like Elsbeth. Or Lucille.

(My aunt Lucille??)

But Julianna said I was too 'challenging' and she left me for some meek little temple novice from Mazomba. You want to find her? Check the priestesses.

(That priestess who wanted me to set Julianna free!)

Thank you for this information.

You are welcome, my Queen. Always.

(Perhaps some time in the dungeons will make that priestess talk!)

Later that evening, the guards made their move, descending upon the palace grove with the intention of arresting Selene, Priestess of the Second Circle. Their first warning of danger was when the ground beneath them began to tremble. All at once, a column of black water blasted up from the earth, scattering soldiers and priestesses alike. The water faded away, leaving nothing but salt-tinged mist, but Selene had disappeared with it.

Apparently Julianna was not the only rogue Lumen loose within Nova.

He does not deny the act, but requests a pardon that he might be set free.

If you admit you killed your wife, why do you think I'm going to set you free?

Condemned Man: Save me, Your Majesty! Wasn't my fault. Demons made me do it. Everyone knows the power of magical beasties! They used me, they twisted my fingers into chains... My wife found me screaming, she tried to shake me, and the chains wrapped around her... I need the priestesses to bless me and make me clean again!

(Demons that make you attack people? Is that even possible?)

I don't care whether there were demons or not, you're still a murderer and your life is forfeit.

You will be hanged in public as a deterrent to future criminals.

He opens his mouth to argue with you further, but then his shoulders slump.

Condemned Man: Yes, Your Majesty.

Let's talk to Joslyn this weekend.

She was a Lumen, a magic-user. It was meant to be in reserve, to defend our domain, but she insisted on... don't need to hear that. She used magic. It drained her strength. She thought it was harmless, and it wasn't. Eventually, her heart just... stopped. That's why I don't want you involved with it.

Your skill in Lore is now 50. You may not increase this skill until your other Faith skills are 25 or higher.

You receive word of an unfortunate incident at the gallows where the man you judged was sent to be executed. As he was led to the platform, he suddenly lashed out with explosive magical power, killing several guards and spectators before making his escape. The population is buzzing with rumors of a secret cabal of evil Lumens who sacrifice innocents in their dark rituals.

Since Elodie has 3 Lumens trying to kill her (well, 2 Lumens and whatever that guy is), should Elodie talk with her father for emotional support?