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Long Live the Queen

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Part 53: Playthrough 2.1 - Part 11

I don't know.

How are we supposed to fight them? How can we defend ourselves against magic?

That... is why the King or Queen of Nova has traditionally been a Lumen. To fight magic with magic.

So... I have to...

No. You are too young, and that power destroys everything it touches.

Then what am I supposed to do if they attack me?

I will not let anyone harm you as long as I live.

And... what if you... like Mom...

For long moments, he remains silent. Then, at last:

The heir to the duchy of Caloris is traditionally sworn to the greatest of secrecy on certain matters. However, you are my only daughter, and you are worth more than any oath. There are treasures that have been collected by my family, enchanted artifacts of power, locked away and never to be used. They are hidden because they are dangerous, just as Lumen magic is dangerous. Even more so, because many of their workings have been lost over the years. I would rather such things were forgotten entirely. The world is a better place without them. I had hoped that without your mother's crystal, the perils which are magic's inevitable cost would not seek you out.

(Magic's inevitable cost... If I became a Lumen, what would happen to me?)

But you are right. You have too many enemies with their own magics, and I may not always be able to protect you. I will search among the records for any artifact which can protect the user against a Lumen's power.

Because Elodie is pressured right now, she has a penalty to her conversation skills. And since lore is already at 50, we are going to go with the third place option, composure.

I regret to inform you that Fabian, the Earl of Titan and Duke-Regent of Elath, has passed away.

This isn't really a surprise; he was pretty old. The problem is the political implications.

With the control of Elath in doubt, it falls to the crown to make decisions. Young Lord Adair will not reach his fifteenth birthday for over two years. He requires a regent. His stepmother, Arisse, the Duchess of Lillah, has petitioned that the boy be left in her care. This would, however, leave her in personal control of two neighboring duchies, which is generally forbidden.

(Almost the entire eastern border.)

(I don't know anything really bad about her, though...)

But Elodie version 1.0 sure did.

The boy does have a living grandfather, the Earl of Ishtar. Or you might appoint an unrelated noble to act in his stead. The Earl of Ishtar has suggested another possibility. You and Adair are both young, not too far apart in age. He requests that we accept the boy as your future husband and keep him here at the castle.

So, we are back to this choice again.

Where should we send Adair this time?

What should we do with the court musician?

Vote for 4 classes.