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Long Live the Queen

by MegaZeroX

Part 64: Playthrough 2.1 - Part 22

We have a penalty to learning presence, but screw it! We are doing what we want with our last days!

You have nothing more to learn about Trade.

The invasion of Nova is proceeding. Your coastline is under Shanjian control. Soldiers have marched through villages, trampling fields and frightening citizens. A diplomatic delegation from Shanjia has requested access to the castle to discuss terms - most likely, for your surrender. You lack the strength to hold off their armies, and surrendering now will save many lives. It would seem that you have no choice. You prepare yourself as best you can to meet with the representatives from Shanjia.

Listen to this music track. This is the only point in the game where it plays, and it is great.

You expected diplomats and a military representative, a general or an admiral. You did not expect the handsome man decked in jewels who now stands before you - a man announced by your servants as Togami, King of Shanjia.

You yearn to slap the false sympathy off his oily face, but you force yourself to remain calm.

War benefits no one, don't you think? Such a terrible waste. Better to settle things in a civilised manner. A contest. A game, so to speak, with Nova as the stakes. Should I win, then your domain will submit and accept me as Overlord with no further resistance. Should I lose, then my army will leave your domain in peace and shed no more blood.

What sort of game?

It is well known that Nova is ruled by Lumens. As it happens, I too possess the powers of a Lumen. I propose a formal duel. My powers against yours. The winner takes control of Nova, the loser... dies.

But I'm not a Lumen!

Saving it for the coronation, were you? Such a pity that you'll be unprepared. Well, then. Go and find your crystal. Becoming a Lumen is a very simple matter. Then we can have our duel.

What's the point? You know I can't win. Why don't you just kill me now?

Because that's not the game. You want to save your people, don't you? I want to fight a Lumen. If you refuse, then the war will continue. I'll sweeten the deal. If you meet me in a formal Lumen challenge, I'll call off the invasion even if I win.


I swear it by the gods. Nova will be free and safe.

Why take that risk? You're winning the war.

It's not your land that I want. It's your crystal. To gain your power, I am willing to wager my own. Shall we begin?

(I don't like this... But what choice do I have?)

Should Elodie go out with a bang or a whimper? Note: the bang may be quite literal.