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Long Live the Queen

by MegaZeroX

Part 66: Playthrough 2.1 - Part 24

Once your father defeated the King of Shanjia in a duel, the invasion was meant to be over. In practice, it is not quite so easy to expel a foreign army from your lands, particularly when their leadership is falling apart. The remaining Shanjian generals seemed surprisingly eager to go home and left without a fuss, but a large number of soldiers have broken ranks and run amok, looting and pillaging their way through Nova just for fun. A number of royal holdings have been damaged and valuables stolen. Not only do you lose them, but you will have to pay for repairs. With so many renegades on the loose, Nova seems likely to have severe bandit problems for years to come.

No more voting for outfits. Elodie is wearing this tuxedo until the day she dies! Vote for Elodie's final mood and for 2 classes.