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Long Live the Queen

by MegaZeroX

Part 70: Weeks 4 - 6

The castle seems quieter with Charlotte and Emry and Zahra and their parents gone. It's certainly not empty, though. It seems like we get more servants every day.

I was so worried about Charlotte, after that snake bit her...

But her mother said she's okay, so I guess it turned out all right.

Maybe she has a guardian angel!

Maybe failing this skill check was for the best.

Elodie then meets with Julianna, and everything proceeds as it did with Elodie 1.0.

Elodie doesn't understand who the duke of Sedna is, as she didn't before. Then...

Something sparkly will make me feel better.

Dad tells us we can't have the crystal.

You have unlocked a new outfit!

Unsurprisingly, I forgot to call for a vote for yet another thing this playthrough. So, I chose to call the guards, which made Elodie angry.

Then we talk to Julianna, and agree to break into the treasury.

I'm going to frame this class vote a little differently.

Vote for 2 classes. Only one of them can be a lumen vote, since we won't get to take lumen classes until week 9 at the earliest. Should we double up on accounting this week to prepare Elodie for the treasury? If the answer is no, then what we do on week 7 will be determined by the normal class vote. Either way, the class votes will determine Elodie's week 8 and week 9 classes.

Should we punish or apologize to the Alice after she bumps into us?

Should Elodie invest in the printing press?

Should Elodie settle the Ixion dispute through military force or negotiation?

Also, Elodie is going to wear the tux. That isn't a vote, that is a fact.