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Long Live the Queen

by MegaZeroX

Part 74: Weeks 12 - 15

I would be honored!

Elodie! Your Grace, are you not aware that my daughter has only fourteen summers?

It's my decision.

A betrothal only, of course. There is no need for hurry. You have your coronation to plan for, after all. If I might be of service in any way, please, send for me. I will be happy to offer my protection or advice.


You may now tour the Barracks on the weekends. Your skill in Strategy is now 50. You may not increase this skill until your other Military skills are 25 or higher.

Elodie attempts to imprison the woman who attempted murder, but it goes as well as last time.

We can now visit the barracks. Since Elodie is pretty lonely right now, let's do that.

There are approximately ten battalions under your direct command.

Here, like with the treasury in regards to money, we can see how many soldiers we have.

Elodie gets confused about owls and thinks that hospitals are bad for you.

There are approximately ten battalions under your direct command.

You have nothing more to learn about Sense Magic.

Remember that the Festival of the Good Lady is approaching. There will be public celebrations for the commoners, followed by a grand gala for the nobility. As Queen, you would be expected to lead the procession and take part in the ceremonial planting, possibly give a speech. However, since you are not yet crowned, it is not required, and it may not be safe to expose you to the public.

What do you mean, not safe?

Outside of the castle, you are less well protected. If anyone means you harm... Think on it now, decide later. Word has come from the factory for books that you funded. They have assembled enough equipment to begin printing test pamphlets. As their royal sponsor, it is your right to decide the content of the first printing.

Since there is a new option, I need to call for another vote. Should we:

A) Print poetry about our mother

B) Print relgious doctrine

C) Print army recruitment material

D) Yes

Our skills at the end of the week:

We need 2 classes, and a decision about the Festival of the Good Lady. Keep in mind that the classes will be for both weeks 16 and 17.