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Long Live the Queen

by MegaZeroX

Part 75: Weeks 15 - 17

What they print will be distributed all around Nova. That makes this an excellent time to reach out to potential recruits.

So they should write about how grand it is to be in my service.

A practical approach. There is a letter for you as well.

(It's from Briony! I went to school with her, but she's a couple years older than me. Her mother is the Duchess of Mead. She's complaining that her mother still won't let her come home for the holidays.)

(Apparently her uncle Kevan has been acting strangely lately and shouting at shadows.)

(She's bored and looking for an adventure. Well, I don't have any to suggest to her!)

There are approximately ten battalions, one company, and two platoons under your direct command.

For comparison, last week we only had 10 battalions.

The festival is the same as the first playthrough.

You visit the royal treasury and check your available funds. You have nine thousand, one hundred and twenty gold lassi and ninety-seven silver tilassi.

You have nothing more to learn about Resist Magic.

Are you ready for the grand ball? All the nobles in the domain are here to see you - to see their queen.


You finish dressing and descend the stairs to make a grand entrance.

All around, the rich and powerful pause in their activities to gaze upon you, the ruler of them all.

After a moment, you force yourself to carry on, but you're sure they've all seen you hesitate. Your father waits for you at the bottom of the stairs and offers you his arm.

The first dance is for us.

He guides you gently around the dance floor, never rushing you. It's fun to dance with your father, but the look in his eyes is so sad.

After this, you must choose your own partner. There are a number of men who hope to catch your eye.

The Duke of Kigal alone has brought three eligible sons, all near your age.

But I'm already betrothed to the Duke of Sedna!

That does not bar you from dancing.

Don't vote for classes.