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Long Live the Queen

by MegaZeroX

Part 81: Weeks 20 - 21

It was a demon's magic that killed your wife? Not your own magic?

Condemned Man: ... So you know what I am.

He throws out his hands, and his fingertips elongate into floating strings of gold.

Condemned Man: DIE!

Golden chains slash at you like whips.

With so much warning, of course, it is easy for you to resist. His attack bounces harmlessly off your shields, the chains flying back in the direction from which they came... where they find an easier target.

Before your eyes, the renegade Lumen is choked to death by his own powers. After a moment, an orange crystal materialises next to his body.

I guess I'll have to take that for safe keeping.

You visit the royal treasury and check your available funds. You have six thousand, one hundred and nineteen gold lassi and ninety-two silver tilassi.

My lady, there is a letter for you.

(Who sent this? It isn't signed...)

It appears to be a poem, describing you in a manner that is entirely inappropriate for a Queen.

(I *what*? With a *squid*?)

If the poem blew out of the window, should we climb out and grab it? What should we do with Adair? Should we accept the court musician? Vote for 3 classes.

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