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Long Live the Queen

by MegaZeroX

Part 87: Week 33

You have nothing more to learn about Swords.

This is the week of the general tournament. Nobles and commoners alike have turned out to compete against each other.

The people will be pleased if you participate in their games. However, it would expose you to danger.

What event do you wish to take part in?

Here the devotees of the blade can challenge each other to duels fought only for points, not blood and honor.

You win your first match to uproarious applause, but are soon overpowered by more experienced competitors. Still, you did very well for your first tournament! All the winners are announced and displayed to great cheers. As near-Queen, you place flower garlands around their necks.

All of a sudden, a man approaches the winner's platform. It's Kevan, the Earl of Io. In one hand, he carries an armored gauntlet. In the other, a sword.

My family's blood is on your hands!

(What is he talking about?)

He casts the metal glove to the ground with a clatter and raises his sword, pointing it at you.

I challenge you, Elodie! A life for a life!

He's challenging you to a duel?

Doesn't he know you could burn him to a crisp just by waving your hand?

Finally, someone who wants us dead! Something Elodie 3.0 has been lacking!

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