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Long Live the Queen

by MegaZeroX

Part 95: Week 38

Visitors have arrived to help you prepare for the upcoming festivities - your family.

Good day to you, niece. I hope all is well.

Hi, 'Lodie! Mummy said you have all the best tutors and I should take classes with you!


Time has slipped by you so quickly. Only two weeks remain before your birthday celebration, and your official coronation as Queen. Have you done enough to build a stable Nova? The first of your soon-to-be-regular voyages has now set out with Selene on board. She appears to have some special affinity with sea water which makes her the best choice to guide a vessel while it hunts for the elusive beast. After all, you have to find it before you can enchant it. It is traditional for the palace to provide entertainment and refreshment for the common people when a new monarch is crowned. It is a rare opportunity for the poor of the land to dine like nobles. Unfortunately, the Royal Treasury has been stretched too far in recent times to support a great feast. Perhaps next year.

And this is why we aren't checking the treasury. We can visit Charlotte, so let's do that.

Hi, Lottie!


What's the matter?

Now that she's a minister, Mummy's been telling me more about Lumens. She wants me to learn about magic so I can be one when I'm older. But she says I need a crystal, and the only way to get one is when she dies... or when you die... I don't want to be a Lumen anymore!

Don't worry. We're both going to live a very long time.


I promise.

Vote for 2 classes. And I'm going to check the treasury regardless, so don't bother voting for it. Unless you really want to.