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Long Live the Queen

by MegaZeroX

Part 96: Week 39

The castle is buzzing with preparations for your upcoming coronation. Ministers press you with details for your favorite colors and flowers and so on.

You are happy to collaborate with the designers to ensure you are shown off to the best possible effect. You are still so young, after all. Good design will help a lot in making you look like a Queen.

We'd better not be paying those designers!

Others are more interested in the subject of your marriage. It can't take place until you are of age, of course, and considering all the preparations (and the need to recover from the coronation) not for much longer than that. Still, it doesn't stop people from buzzing around full of ideas and suggestions.

You visit the royal treasury and check your available funds. You currently owe the national treasury sixteen gold lassi and five silver tilassi.

It looks like we did pay those designers.

Almost there! Vote for 2 classes!