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Lords of the Realm

by Spermy Smurf

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Original Thread: Lets play Lords Of The Realm! [SSLP]



Lords of the Realm is a medieval game by Sierra that I played as a kid. I found my CD a while ago, and with Dosbox it works fine.

The premise is to get happy peasants (feed them), raise armies (sell cows/sheep/milk/grain/wood/stone/iron, then hire armies), and beat the 6 other lords trying to take over some country. England? Wales? Are those the same thing? I don't know, but there are screenshots here:

I'll go through the game screens as I play, and I am going to be rusty as hell so chances are we'll die and I'll have to start over pretty quickly.

You can vote on strategies and I'll do my best to follow them. Attack with nothing but peasants? Sure! Make my people hate me and revolt and then lose the game? Crap yeah, I can do that. Spend all of my resources on a stupidly complex castle that doesn't do a damn thing? I'm on it. Stop harvesting grain because you decide that we should devote our time to the quarry? Perfect.

Those are all death sentences, 200 peasants can't fight worth shit and will die to 20 swordsmen from what I recall. Doesn't mean I wont give it a shot.

Also I have no idea what crop rotation means, does, or how to unfuck it when it fucks itself. Starving peasants are only a matter of time anyway!

Honestly, not sure what kind of user-input the game will have, but I'm willing to try.

Usually the people who do these LP's know the games inside and out. I'm not that guy. Also I'm not funny. And this LP is going to suck.

If anyone is still reading this, and curious as to how badly I suck at a game I haven't played in 17 years: I need a name and a shield. The shield is basically just what color flag we are.

Do captions go on top or bottom?

We are on the right in what amounts to the worst position possible.

This is our little town so far. Time to get to work, peasants!

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