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Part 3: Turn 3: Cows fucked us

Last post before going home for the day.

Turn 3: Cows fucked us

We started off alright, we had a baby boom!

We harvested some grain, as noted by the purple 176 there. This just keeps the peasants from eating cows and sheep. We lose and gain 1 or two cows per year, no big deal.

Here you see our total grain went up 176 because we harvested it last turn.

This is the Steward. He just tells you how awesome or not awesome you are doing. He ranks the lords and is annoying so I turned him off. The Bishop is the best lord out there right now.

The Earl is the richest.

The Bishop is the only one with an army so far.

The Earl has the most people.

His people are also the happiest.

The Bishop is the winner. Also kind of a dick.

At least I'm still celebrated by someone

I got a merchant and bought some more cows and then had to expand cows into more fields.

And I apparently missed a screenshot of the cows fucking us.

What happened: I spent money on cows with the merchant. The next turn 400 Irish Spearmen came by. These are basically an invincible army, or at least a huuuuge backbone to any army. If I didn't buy the cows, I would have had money for the Spearmen and the game basically would have been over for everyone. 400 units is a pretty big army, some armies are 50 swordsmen and 50 archers. These spearmen would have mopped up any peasants and allowed us to expand rapidly. Instead we have 15 new cows.

So now: I'm going to walk the dogs. I'm open to suggestions on what to do. Once I get an army we can actually have quite a bit of user input on where and what to kill.