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Part 11: Turn 9: I'm back

Update 9: I'm back

When we left off the Baron was glitching behind my castle, and I was trying to take over some other castles and beginning a two-front war. Lets see how that all played out.

One more season and I took over this castle. Bottom of the map, near the Earl on the left I think.

My worst nightmare in this game came to life. I lost like 1/3 of the army because of that stupid tower. But now I am thinking it was a glitch that moved my trebs closer than they should have been because after a few turns and moving to other sides of the castle I was able to hit walls without losing men. Really weird.

The Earl tried to break the siege and was slapped down.

I began trebucheting the Barons next castle, you can barely see my trebs up top.

Army map. Trying to move my armies is a huge pain in the ass. I have to combine armies from 4-5 different counties that are happy and have enough citizens, and then find a good set of mercenaries to combine them with. My best counties for peasants that I equip with weapons are the 5 along the right side. The middle counties tend to get Swordsmen mercenaries, and then I need to combine them and move them 7 or so turns across the map so they are helpful.

Oh, and I need to make sure every county they touch has food in it so they don't starve to death. Jesus fuck.

View of countiness.

One of the Countess' armies revolted. I got money on peasants she wasnt feeding.

Another view, so you can guess who is going to have to clean up her mess.

Oooh look, the cute little Earl decided to bring a shitload of peasants to fight. That 3-person army denotes something like 800+ units.

And he's got a backup army of peasants just in case!

This is a few turns later. I've taken out a wall and stopped taking losses.

Moving with my army north I hit the Baron. I am pretty annoyed that I lost 3 men actually. That bugged me more than you know.

Back to the Earl's super-huge peasant army. 200 Crossbows are all I have standing in the way, but I can't let him break the siege. The siege is going well, he only has like 70 men left and 0 food and terrible morale.

Actually, make that 40 men left.

You know how I usually sit an army tight on the damned county capital? This is why. I prevent bullshit like this.

He raised an army and attacked the sieging army, and almost broke the siege. Argh.

Another volley of trebs, and he STILL hasn't given up. He has 19 men left in the fucking castle.

And now the fight you have all been waiting for:

My 200 xbows vs the Earl's peasant army.

************** SCROLL DOWN AND BE AMAZED ******************



Holy fuck that's not peasants. Oh my fucking god that's not peasants. Fuck fuck fuck, that's not peasants. This is one of those surprises that really fuck me over when they happen. I genuinely have no army capable of defeating this. Maybe if I combined one or two I could do it. God damnit.

My army shits itself before even coming to grips with the enemy.

200 fucking crossbows killed 39 of the enemy before dropping.

At the end of the turn something magical happened.

For some reason the army within the castle must have mutinied, opening the doors. I had control of that county!

This is the army that I was able to muster and had been driving/combining across the map for the last 5 turns. I am not confident that I can take out the Earls monster army though.

The bandits in the north attacked me like I knew they would.

So back to the Earl's land: I did what any red blooded human would do.

I ran like a bitch. Those 200 archers are useful as raiders, but no match for his army.

Then I did something I may regret later.

You know that county I just took over? I sold everything they had, bought weapons, and outfitted an army which I then moved to combine with my big army.

However, the Morale may fuck me when we grapple.

Then after I started starving the peasants, I sent huge shipments of cows/grain from my farthest counties towards it. I figure once I finish pacifying the county and remove the Earls 3 armies and megahuge army I'll be all set.

Guess who got unstuck!?

And here we are.