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Part 18: Turn 15: Still almost there...

Update 15: Still almost there...

This update contains "click end turn. Countess and Baron auto-attack. I destroy their shit armies of 100-200 peasants. I point more trebs at the castle. I hit end turn again."

Baron goes first, he attacks to break the siege.

Starting to get a bit repetitive.

And he retreated.

This is the problem with sending supplies. I always send waaaaay too many. This guy should have about 500 cows and 2300 grain next turn. Whoops. I guess everyone gets triple rations and a side of beef.

Starting siege of Barons right-most county.

Trebs. He has 45 men, 150 food.

The map. You see the black dots denoting my army in the middle below Blue? I have a peasant army (swords/archers/axes) that are about to revolt so I broke them into smaller armies and parked a couple mercenary armies next to it. Otherwise it would beat 2 or 3 of my armies before I caught up to it and took it down for real.

Countess autoattacks.

And retreats. Yawn.

Trying to take down the walls of the Countess.

Aaaaand the Baron completed his castle. Might as well siege it.

Autoattacks an army.

Retreats and disbands.

Clever girl. Dodging my armies and running south.

Setting up to start bombardment on his right-most county.

He has 45 men, 105 food.

Setting up for Countess.

Trying to break a siege.

This army is an old hand at this.

For those of you keeping score, that is 6 armies that have attacked it and they still havent lost a single man.


I moved men around to catch that clever bastard.

And then caught him with this army.

Where we trapped him in a classic pincer move. (I dont know what a pincer move is)

That poor bastard bottom left. 6 men, my entire army yelling "DIE" as they charge them.

Beginning my siege of the Barons left-most county. I'll be doing this one the fun way.

Fuck, he has a moat.

Ugh. Autoattacks.

This worked well actually, this army had low morale. To raise it, I moved my archers back, and then attacked with my low-morale'd swords.

Bingo, an extra shot of morale. Now we're at "great"

Another autoattack

He's down to 29 men by my count.

And I forgot to set men to fill in the moats. This will take another turn to do.

Countess' men hold out despite not having a wall.

Part of the army I split has gone bandit.

The best part: When they go rogue, they lose their arrows or something. Archers don't shoot.

Their morale is so low it was the only chance I had.

7 to 7

5 to 4

Nooooo! Then something hilarious happened. They didn't run, they continued to fight.

His troops morale dropped to 2, then 0 too quickly for me to get a screenshot because I wasn't expecting it. My swordsmen morale went from 0 back up to 2. His men broke and ran.

Guess what this is.

Setting up for Baron on the right.

Setting up to fill in the moat on his left-most county. 45 men, 105 food.

Only a few more walls to go against the Countess.

More revolts by armies of 30-50 that I had split.

I kill them all.

Hey. Cut it out. This is annoying.

I took out a wall on the right-most county of Baron.

And filled in the moat. I didn't know it was so easy to do, else I would have filled in more.

Awww, I was just getting rolling.

Countess is down for the count. Oh man I'm so punny.

:Siren: MY POOL IS DONE! :Siren:

Cleaning up the bandits that I created.

Or not.

If the Baron had just raised 4000 troops right off the bat like he could have, he would have been able to push me back quite far.

Transform. Kill.

Stop it stop it stop it

I killed 2 men and he retreated. Argh.

Setting up for Barons right-most county.


Setting up for Barons left-most county. 45 men, 60 food.

I am hoping both castles crumble this turn, it'll be some kind of 2 for 1 special. Like a Buy One Get One promotion... of death.

Cleaning up again.

And the army that retreated.

This is the Countess' final county. She had them with no food and diseased.

Her last army tried to run.

No mercy again.

That'll do donkey, that'll do.