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Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

by Sundowner

Part 1: Update #1: Wherein we introduce ourselves, the game and the main characters

Update #1

Worth Seeing:
Information on T-Energy, the important and only consumable resource in the game.

Information on Data Posts, these will be pretty valuable throughout the game.

A bonus side effect of activating data posts is a small map found in the games menus.

It's absolutely useless.

Target Marks

I'd just like to point out that Lost Planet: Extreme Condition has collectibles. They are absolutely worthless. They unlock nothing but "secret" Xbox achievements (and presumably PS3 trophies) and the gameplay segments of Lost Planet are already draining enough that trying to find all of these for the sole reason of nothing seems like a terrible idea. I'm going to be avoiding them in the main updates. I will probably sweep over the game at some point and show their locations. The annoying thing is that the position of these collectibles changes based on difficulty and there are a total of 4 difficulties. These will appear as bonus videos if I feel it is worth it at some point.