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Part 9: Update #9: Wherein things might actually begin to make sen-hahaha

Update #9 - Wherein things might actually begin to make sen-hahaha


Before recording this session I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything for the boss fight (because my memory is pitiful) and upon searching some YouTube videos I found this excellent YouTuber attempting to LP the same level as featured in this very update. He did, however, take over twice as much time as our video is long, not including custcenes, to beat it. Thankfully he was courteous enough to upload his videos in short chunks.

So as a bonus to this update, I give you..

(Click image for video)

..our first RP! It was not something I thought I'd ever do but I couldn't pass up on having us riff off of this terrible attempt at what should be completed with ease. It's not necessary but I'd recommend watching our update first so you are familiar with the level and generally how to play it if you're competent. Lost Planet's own forced-upon-you bullshit not withstanding.

That's also not his actual name in any way shape or form, I've done my best to block any identifiers for the guy. This is all in good fun, of course.