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Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

by Sundowner

Part 15: Bonus #04: Alchanii Explodes (bonus for Update #7)

Alchanii posted:

So, after Update 7 in the uncut version, you mighta noticed that I sounded very broken by Lost Planet, and I had actually forgotten that I was recording still.
Sundowner also was still recording, I'm not entirely sure if he forgot or not, but it is besides the point. I took his audio and my own, and I made a bonus/side-update to Update 7.
So, of course, if you haven't seen all of Update 7, and maybe the Uncut(although, I leave some context in, so it's really alright either way), I suggest not listening, but, what are we spoiling, exactly?

Update #7 Bonus - Alchanii Explodes