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Part 16: Bonus #05: Someone Set Us Up The Bomb (bonus for Update #8)

Alchanii posted:

So, as with the description Sundowner wrote for Update 8's post, yes. We actually ran into some problems- Mainly him being a big dope while editing the update, skipping the cutscene in the middle in a previous recording, and accidentally using -that- run as the run we see. Which is why after the cutscene in the middleish of the video, some of the things I say make little/no sense. But, we stuck with it, because it would've sucked the magic out of me being... Pretty much going into this game blind, even though I have played through it twice in my life, and I even have the collector's edition, as mentioned before... I just forgot everything, because Lost Planet.

...Now, while that cutscene in the middle of Update 8 was short, and I certainly was dying from the PLOT BOMB in there... It was recorded after the "plot" at the end of the update, where we meet The Fear, from MGS3. So it was cut short.

Warning: I do my usual, by actually "remembering" stuff from previously in the game, since the game doesn't want you to remember anything previously.
Oh, and as a side-note, I did get something that resembles knowledge from that cutscene, only after I stopped laughing my life away.
The THIRTY YEARS LATER plot-bomb, and even after that, Basil actually assists in explaining why in the world Wayne's arm sucks up so much Tea-Energy, as compared to everyone else in this games' world, by saying something like...

"(That harmonizer has been frozen for 30 years.) ...That had a terrible effect on its' operating ability."

...So only NOW do we not understand understand why Wayne needs enough Tea-Energy to fill the Pacific Ocean 4 times over. It's because his Arm, both figuratively, and literally, sucks.

Lost Planet Update #8 Bonus - Someone Set Us Up The Bomb