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Lost Vikings

by Duke of the Bump

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Original Thread: By the hammer of Thor, let's play Lost Vikings! [VLP, 3-player]



Once upon a time there were three Vikings. Erik the Swift was the most nimble viking. Baleog the Fierce was the toughest viking. Olaf the Stout was the most cautious viking. Together they lived in their peaceful little village, hunting dinosaurs and collecting huge, pre-formed slabs of meat. All was right with the world.

One day, their Norse utopia was disrupted by a strange occurrence. In the middle of the night, they were cruelly yanked from their peaceful slumber by a mysterious force. They found themselves in an alien mechanical nightmare unlike any they had ever seen. Now they must put their individual talents to use and, through the power of teamwork, escape from their bizarre futuristic prison and find their way back home.

This is their story.

Erik the Swift will be played by Duke of the Bump

Baleog the Fierce will be played by MorsDraconis

Olaf the Stout will be played by Anaconda Rifle

Let's get on with it!

Starship/Tutorial levels
Episode 1 - We view the introduction and play the tutorial levels.
Episode 2 - We finish up the SPACE MADNESS and move onto the next area of the game: Prehistoria!

Episode 3 - We play the first couple levels of Prehistoria
Episode 4 - We meet a crotchety old man of a questionable nature and spend hours upon hours trying to kill rolling cavemen.
Episode 5 - We encounter the hideous lag monster for the first time. It won't be the last time it sinks its slow, stuttery claws into us, oh no.
Epsiode 6 - Due to the massive amount of fail in the last video, here's another one!
Episode 7 - Yet more failure.

Episode 8 - We defeat the level we failed miserably in the last video and move on to the next area. All without dying once!
Episode 9 - I hate spear guys. I hate spear guys. I FUCKING HATE SPEAR GUYS.
Episode 10 - My mummy said there'd be days like these. (Oho!)
Episode 11 - Wait, did I say I hated spear guys? I meant scorpions. I fucking hate scorpions.
Episode 12 - Let's succeed! Yes, you read that right.
Episode 13 - It's YOUR fault we failed at this one. Yes, you, the viewer. For shame.

Episode 14 - Despite how it might appear, we actually succeed wildly in this video. Any failures you seen are purely figments of your imagination.
Episode 15 - In which we get to play with electromagnets, and nobody dies!
Episode 16a - We three ingenious vikings put together a battery!
Episode 16b - It's a good thing Baleog and Olaf majored in electrochemical engineering in Viking school.
Episode 17 - Uh-oh. This is going to get worse before it gets better. Featuring Deceased Crab
Episode 18 - The Nightmare Begins. Featuring more Deceased Crab.
Episode 19a - The nightmare continues. Featuring more Deceased Crab.
Episode 19b - The nightmare... is over!
Episode 20a - In which Duke of the Bump embarrasses himself tremendously. Featuring Schildkrote.
Episode 20b - We ran over ten minutes, so here's the conclusion. Featuring more Schildkrote.
Episode 21 - More of that wacky factory! Featuring Schildkrote, the man of a thousand voices.
Episode 22 - A shorty but a goody. Featuring more Schildkrote.
Episode 23 - The conclusion of the factory levels. Featuring more Schildkrote.

Episode 24a - Oh Christ, what IS this? I think the Vikings got ahold of some bad acid. Featuring YouTuber UltraJMan as our guest commentator.
Episode 24b - Because we suck at telling time. With more UltraJMan.
Episode 25 - Danger - Keep off the spikes! Featuring more UltraJMan.
Episode 26 - We flip switches and make blocks appear out of nowhere. And fall on spikes. Featuring more UltraJman.
Episode 27 - Hey, we're getting pretty good at this! More UltraJMan.
Episode 28 - A third of this video is me failing to jump on platforms. Oh God make it stop Featuring Prime92.
Episode 29a - It's been awhile since we've had a "Let's Fail" video. Enjoy! Featuring more Prime92.
Episode 29b - Springs and spikes: a deadly combination. Featuring more Prime92.
Episode 30 - Back to basics!
Episode 31a - Time for me to embarrass myself at more.
Episode 31b - We screw around too much and don't beat the level.
Episode 32 - Is that what I think it is? Yes! A portal! Wait... oh, damn.

Episode 33 - Thanks, Genesis programmers.
Episode 34a - I sure hope you like failure, 'cause there's going to be a lot of it.
Episode 34b - Oh yeah.
Episode 34c - Christ, this is painful to watch, even for me.
Episode 35 - Scorpions? In MY spaceship? It's more likely than you think.
Episode 36a - Honestly, you could probably just skip this video and watch 36b, I just felt obligated to include it. For posterity, I guess.
Episode 36b - Edited slightly to prevent another 30-minute long catastrophe like episode 34. A futile gesture, really, as you will soon see.
Episode 37 - The final battle!
Epilogue and Credits
Medley of Brutality
Epilogue and Credits: Game music

Let's Fail Lost Vikings one last time.
Coda of Silliness Brutality
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