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Part 4: Episode 4: Clearly, the most sensible course of action when trying to sneak around is to be captured

I think it's about time we get some answers, don't you? Well, the game doesn't entirely agree. Instead, what we get is Episode 4: Clearly, the most sensible course of action when trying to sneak around is to be captured.

WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED: Doralice opened the box she'd found in the hold of the sunken ship, finding a glowing sarcophagus inside. Then, Jarlath confronted her, announcing that he was the owner and builder of the 150-year-old manor. Rather than kill Doralice where she stood, Jarlath decided to jump into the past, to 1840, to kill one of Doralice's ancestors to prevent her from having been born in the first place. Doralice managed to follow him, and that's how she found herself in the hold of the Briscarde while it still sailed. Having heard this story, Melkior told Doralice that the glowing sarcophagus contained a radioactive material, and that his mission was to capture Jarlath and recover the material. Doralice freed Melkior, who took her to meet his friend, Oswald. Oswald presented Doralice to Captain Philibert as a stowaway, so that he would lock her in his room. Doralice would then have to find the captain's gun, as well as the key to Yoruba's cell, so that she and Melkior could free Yoruba and return to St. Cristobald island to stop Jarlath.

This is where I always lose track of the story, mainly because the conversations in the cutscenes make no sense. "You look like someone I knew in the past." "Never mind that, this house was built in 1840!" It makes sense in context if you know why she's saying that (because Jarlath just claimed to have built the manor, which would have made him about 200 years old without the convenience of time travel), but nobody would actually talk like that. The good news is that our adventures in time are over, effectively. From this point, the rest of the game takes place in 1840 and is pretty linear.

I really don't understand Jarlath's plan, though. Apparently, he stole that radioactive material and hid it in the sunken ship in 1840, so he could retrieve it in 1992. So what was to stop anyone else from getting to it in the intervening 152 years? Access to time travel will poke holes in almost any plot.

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