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Part 7: Episode 7: Lifestyles of the rich and voodoo-capable

Well, I think it's time to put this game to rest. Nothing fancy here, no redubbed bonus features or looks back at things I had to skip in the interest of smoothness, but I recommend watching until the end anyway.

Episode 7: Lifestyles of the rich and voodoo-capable

WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED: Doralice snuck a silk blouse out of Delia's house along with the love potion she was to give Makandal. Accomplishing that with the help of Melkior's holocom, she met Velvet and warned her about Jarlath's plan to kill her son, Maximin. Velvet introduced Doralice to her servant, Celucie, but before Doralice could properly warn them about Jarlath's intentions, he arrived on the scene and Doralice had to flee. Outside the plantation gate, she met Serapion, who told her of Jarlath's sinister plan to have Velvet poison her own father, only to marry her once the plantation had passed into her hands. Doralice returned to the plantation to find Celucie in a drug-induced sleep and a snake in Maximin's crib. She destroyed the snake, but Jarlath caught her and recapped his entire plan - he hid the radioactive mineral he'd stolen in a sarcophagus in ancient Egypt, so that it would have stabilized by the time he reclaimed it from the shipwreck. Doralice escaped, only to be cornered again by Jarlath. Taking advantage of his allergy to orchids, she made him sneeze so violently that he fell off a bridge. Doralice fainted, only to wake up in the wrecked ship in her own time, where her lawyer (a man who looks very much like Melkior) told her that it had all been a dream. His wink to the camera, however, suggests otherwise.

And that's it. Jarlath's final moment is one of the most anticlimactic and embarrassing moments in fiction that I've ever seen, and the entire sneezing business only seems to come up in Coktel games - Goblins 3 used it twice, and in that game, they seemed to require the sneeze to rebound off a metal surface. It's the voice acting, though, that really makes the end of this game ridiculous. Makandal is as weird as he is creepy, Velvet might as well be about four years old, and as for Serapion... your guess is as good as mine. "You have to help me get past that dog!" "Oh, yeah, he guards place." The only thing worse than that is when he's NOT talking. Fish-mouth? Maybe it's better than the alternative: "Sup dawg, I put a bag of salt in your pocket so you can put it in the dawg."

Just be glad I didn't turn that episode title into a Blingee.