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Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals

by Blackbelt Bobman

Part 36

the finale/conclusion YOU LITTLE HOOCHEES!

Why do you try to stop me? Many people worship superior beings such as I.

So you say! No one would worship such evil left-handed Sinistrals!

How simple minded. Listen to me. There are two ways of looking at everything. Some believe in love and happiness, and others in destruction and chaos. They cannot stand apart!

Then why has only evil appeared? Where are those others who believe in good?

It is so ordained by Arek the Absolute. He is the One who stands above all others like me.

I had no idea. . .

We've chatted too long. It's time to settle this, time to meet your doom!

With this Dual Blade, I shall put an end to your evil ways!

Excellent! I can sense your powers are superhuman. It's no surprise that you can wield Dual Blade. With my power, that sword should be mine. Why did you choose him, Dual Blade?! Nevermind! I shall get my revenge on you and Dual Blade! I am Master of Terror! No one can Challenge me!

I managed not to just take a straight shot of him however

There we go. Also his Terror Wave causes a random status, in this case it caused sleep on Guy, but it can also poison. He looks pretty badass. I like to imagine he's holding something in his left hand that justifies his Sinistrality. Also, one time he did a physical attack

okay you're dead asshole. He can also use Dark Fry which is why fishbutt died, oh well.


This is way more badass in the first game, because he says "INDEED, IT SHALL BE THE END. . . OF EVERYTHING!" and then summons the other guys who try to destroy everything. But in this game he just says:

Not badass.

Gades! Amon! Erim! Gather before me! Let your power resonate with mine!

They're GHOSTS now, and they flash so it's hard to get a screenshot of them. More spinergy! YAY!

Not exactly. These are the last of their energy waves, resonating with Daos.

His last ditch effort.

It's not that simple! If these waves rupture, they'll take the whole world with them!

What?! They're willing to take down the whole world just to destroy us?!

I won't let it happen!

Remember he like runs into Daos at this point but fucks it up so now he has to join forces right. RIGHT?

Right. More spinergy!


Ha, ha ha ha! Your energy waves are too puny and pathetic to break our barrier!

We've got to give it everything we've got!

Maxim! Selan can't take much more of this!

I'm. . . fine! Let's just finish this!


ahahahahah THIS GAME

We blow out our energy and theirs, sending everyone (but Maxim) flying and destroying the four Sinistrals forever! LOL okay not forever.

He checks up on Guy and Artea, who are fine, but as for Selan. . .

We've finally done it Maxim.

Are you alright Selan?

Now. . . the world will once more be at peace.

That's right. We can go home now.

I'm sorry. . . I'm afraid I can't go with you. . . the energy ripped through me I can barely speak. . . I wish I could hold my baby one more time. . . urk oh no i am dead

And then you know the bridge collapses and they can't get out with Maxim and Sealn, because they're too far away or something.

But alas Maxim and Selan are trapped.

That sure was a ride guys, thanks for watching.


A twist!

A ghost!

You think you've won?! I may not be able to destroy the world, but I still have this Island!

What you say?!

I'll drop this Island onto Parcelyte! It will be my last act of Terror! HA HA HA HA!

Drop Doom Island onto Parcelyte? What will I do?!

A conflict!

A familiar face!

. . .

I feel your aura, the same as. . . Erim!

You're pretty slow.

Why? You're the enemy, and yet you have helped me time and time again!

It was a battle of judgement for us.

(a bunch of exposition!)

A battle of judgement?

That you exist, and resonate with Dual Blade, means that people act apart from the Sinistrals.

Apart from the Sinistrals?

Why do you feel the need to repeat everything I say?

Everything you say?

LOOK! The purpose of Dual Blade is to defeat the Sinistrals. Defeat us, and you need us not.

Are you saying we don't need help from super beings any more?

No, humans need faith. Arek thought Dual Blade wouldn't ring for a thousand years. But it did, so I found you, and guided you to the end. But I helped you more than I should have. . . I don't know why I did so. . .

Iris, this Island is falling toward Parcelyte, you must know a way to stop it.

Yes but. . . I cannot tell you. I am Mistress of Death, it would be against my nature to save so many lives.

Pfft, but you appeared to me as Iris! The Iris I know would help me through this! And would care about those who perish!

Oh shit logic bomb

It was because of you I traveled, and because of you I met so many people.

My time is running out

Just tell me Iris!

There are three mystic stones at the foot of this island that control it. Destroy them to alter the course. Only a powerful Aura can destroy them. Doing so could mean your life. . .

I'm probably going to die anyway, show me the way!

WIth my final breath, I shall open the door leading below.

I will be watching from afar to see whether or not people have the power to build their own future.

A solution! But seriously, this is the extra bit they added for this game.

Yeah so we end up in the rafters under the island or something. There are some stones here I have to blow up with my mind.

It should have texture but for some reason it came out all white


Breaks. Okay on to the second on.

Take note of this.


Okay so that thing shows that there is a door here. The door opens when you beak the stone, right? In the third area

It looks like there should be a door here, but there's no way to open it. When I first played this back when it came out, I remember there being rumors that if you got all the Iris Treasures it would open and Maxim would LIVE or somethinf ridiculous like that. Yeah. I was gullible.


Oh no what ever will I do!

The blade prompts me to channel my energy through it as like an amplifier to destroy the last stone.

Dual Blade disappears, I don't think anyone is going to find it for oh. . . about 99 years or so.

Now the game gets sad. This is the ending and shit.

Selan, I changed the coure. Parcelyte. . . Our Jeros will be ok. I'm tired. I'm so tired Selan. . . Let me sleep next to you for a while. . .

Maxim. . .

You did it Maxim. . .

Yeah, I did, didn't I Selan?

Let's go Maxim. . . to our son. . . and. . .

Let's do that.

Now they're both ghosts. Here's the pretty depressing ending.

Here we float out of the castle. . .

That shrine is still there by the way

Oh no it's falling toward Parcelyte still

The island's path changes, and our ghosts fly away. We go on a trip around to visit everyone, which is kind of creepy.

First we go visit Artea.

Is he her dad or something? Actually, isn't she the girl who is his attendent in the first game?

Milka, I'm home.

Artea, your eye! You hurt your eye! I must treat it right away!

I'm alright, this won't kill me. Say, wanna go to Tanbel? That's where Guy lives. I promised we'd go have a big party there when we got back.

It's okay if I go with you?

Of course. It's time for everyone to enjoy this peace, together.

Next we fly off to Tanbel. PARTY TIME!

I'm home?! When that island fell, do you have any idea how worried we were?

I'm so sorry Jessy.

What's going on? It's not like you to be so humble.

What happened to Maxim and Selan brother?

That's right! We were supposed to celebrate after battle! Everyone is comimg! It's going to be awesome! Maxim, Selan, Artea, Dekar, probably that old man Lexis too.

Sounds huge! Will we have enough rooms for everyone?

If not, we can always put them up in peoples houses.

Next is Bound Kingdom.

Maxim defeated Daos! He is truly great! Different from all the other warriors!

Yeah, he's the second strongest in the world, you see.

Who's the strongest?

Who do you think?! Me of course!

Haha that's right! Do you think Maxim will come here?

Of course he will! He has to! We still haven't had our match yet!

Next up is Portravia where Lexis is.

I see. . .

I calculated its current course, and it's headed beyond the strait to West Land.

To West Land? That far? Whereabouts?

TYPO it should say Arus.

I see. . . Then I must go. . . to West Land.

But first we should go to Tanbel for a big party, am I right?

Oh you knew about that?

I know everything!

The ship is all ready!

I wish you guys were this enthusiastic all the time.

Then we fly to elcid

Oh no. . .nothing. Nothing is wrong.

Are you. . . crying?

Oh. . . so I am. It's strange, I haven't cried for such a long time.

Think Tia is a goon?

I don't know. . . it's funny, I don't know. But my tears won't stop.

You should cry. You'll feel better when you're done. When we're feeling sad or upset, crying can maek us feel better.

Yeah. . . thanks. . .


Then we head north to Parcelyte (that's Tanbel there but Parcelyte is north of it okay)

What's that Jeros?

ma. . . mamama. . . mama!

Were you having a dream about your mother? Don't worry, she'll be back soon. Your father and mother saved this world.

ma. . . mama!

Are you smiling? Soon they'll be home, Jeros. . .

Yeah right, you know that kid is going to be fucked up when he gets older, living in the shadow of his dead parents. . . At least his mother was there to hold him when he was a newborn, that's vital.

Time for credits.

These guys are cool, I mean, the puzzles were brutal and the maps were good.

The magic effects kicked ass.


Okay this is the for real end screen. Of course there's more AFTER it.

They do the whole beginning part where hero and Lufia meet for the fist time in Lufia I and then finish it with

And then it plays that great music, whatever it is, it's awesome. And finally the results:

Of course Dekar didn't die, bitches ain't SHIT

The four chests are the Dekar Blade, and the three in the enterance to the ancient cave. You can actually get a fifth set of dragon eggs, and it says you got 99 for some reason. I have no idea what eggs bought means, I think it means times you killed the egg dragon, it's all fucked up.

Ancient cave stuff, masters bought means I think times you killed the Ancient Jelly. As for floor number being 0, I have no idea, this game is glitched all to hell.

Okay, I'm continuing on with more Ancient Cave stuff next chance I get, and then after that. . . well. . . Actually I'm going to start a new thread soon for a new game, but what game is a secret. I'll keep doing Ancient Cave runs though!