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Part 12: In The Hood

Chapter 10: In The Hood

Welcome back! Now that we're in a new area, it's time to explore around and get our bearings. Let's start by going north-

Oh. There's the town.

This is a cheery-sounding town! I'm liking this place already. At least compared to the hives of scum and villainy we've been to. And the caravan with the murderous plant lady wasn't much fun either.

: They come here to rest up and trade stories of the road.

: I should warn you about the house to the east. The ghost manor is rumored to be haunted by a terrible force!
: Ghost?! H... Hiro... let's steer clear of that place, o... okay?

A haunted place, though, was in the first game! It was a haunted woods and not a house and... it wasn't all that scary or haunted, really. Unless the zombified corpse of the Pillsbury Dough-boy terrifies you- and, when I think about it, it should. Because that is terrifying.

Oh, that sounds kind of spooky. Maybe there will be an actual ghost adventure after all. Oh! Maybe we will be getting our wacked out version of Dragon Quest 5!

: Those flying girls are impossible! I couldn't even scratch them!

Wait, what? Weren't we talking about ghosts? Where is my ghost adventure!?

: He went into the haunted manor to try to impress her. Idiot!

Oh. This going to be a stupid ghost adventure. (As opposed to a stupid Ghost Adventures, which is a redundant sentence.)

: I met the Premier of the Magic Guild of Vane! When I grow up, I want to be in the magic guild. But it costs a lot, so I'm gonna start saving my money right now!


Vane is a location from the first game. As previously mentioned, it was a magical flying city that got destroyed. Before that, however, it was city where all the magicians learned how to wear fabulous capes (although the ones that joined your party didn't.) Your main character tried to join the guild, and although there were a multitude of reasons that fell through, none of them were monetary. They never asked for a single silver. That too seems to have changed.

However, ghosts and mysterious people aren't the only little quirk of Takkar.

There are a ton of inns scattered about town. Such as-

: Since most of them were merchants, we knew a name like 'Bounteous Babe' would get their attention. So what do you say? Want to give our inn a try?
: Well sugarplum, that's the closest thing to a direct invite I could hope for! What do you say, chief? Let's check it out...

No. No we're not.

: We have the lowest-priced rooms in town, and since no one can pass the gate, they just stay here and wait this monster situation out.

Wait, the gate is closed?

: There's been reports of monsters in the cave, so we've sealed it. As a priest of Althena, I cannot let you pass in good conscience. It's sealed until the monster situation is resolved.
: C'mon! This is the only road that leads to Nota, and, ultimately, Pentagulia! Ya gotta let us pass, buddy!

Why yes, yes it is. Well, at least Leo's not the one standing in our way this time.

: Villagers are afraid of all the monsters that have come to our village. But we of the Althena cult will destroy the monsters using Althena's power. If donations increase, Lord Leo will come and slay the monsters! Now then, will you donate?

Although that may not remain true for long.

Again, there is a sanctuary here, but since it's tucked up in the corner, it's easy to miss. But these dudes never have much to say. Onward!

: I don't know how the goddess can allow them to do that!
: I'm sure she won't allow it for long...
: ...

Yes, I do believe all the bars have this theme.

: Now they say that alcohol, song, and dance are off-limits to followers! Kevin Bacon, where are you when we need you?

He's the Kevin Bacon we need, not the one we deserve... no, wait, I think I got that backwards.

: Where ya from? Nota? Dalton? Larpa?
: My name is Lucia. I have come from the Blue Star.
: Well then, you've come mighty far. Perhaps you'd like some Dutch Apple Pie?
: We're on a group tour of the area! We'll be seein' ya...

I kind of love how nonplussed this woman is when she sees some strange lady claim she's an alien. And man, I've got a really bad tendency to step on top of the NPC when I talk to them.

: Ya know, your talk about the Blue Star reminded me of a legend I heard 'bout it. They say that long ago, our ancestors came from the Blue Star, courtesy of Althena. Don't know if it's true, but it's a mighty romantic notion...
: What you speak is not legend, but history. It really happened long ago.
: Now, how in the world would you know that? Oh I get it... you're pullin' my leg again! Ha ha ha! Good one... ya got me!

It's almost as though claiming you're a space alien while wearing really weird clothes makes people tend to not believe you. Who'd have thunk?

Also, if you look really carefully at that last screenshot you may see something.

Now who could that be?

: I am a messenger from the magic guild of Vane. We are recruiting new members. Would you like to join the guild? There's only a simple test, and an entrance fee.
: Hey Hiro, that sounds like fun. Why don't we take the test?

Does dank dark caves full of assholes and electric mushroom monsters sound fun to you? Does it? (Although is she being upfront about the test, which is an improvement, actually.)

: Oh pooh! I forgot to tell you that we don't allow flying cats. I always forget that...

Because it... comes up so often?

: Well then, that's still okay since I'm not a cat.
: ...but... you look like a cat with...
: Hey sister, hate to break up the raging kitty debate, but we've got to get moving. We don't have time to take your test.
: Ah, yes, but you cannot pass the gate to continue your quest anyway. Haven't you heard? The gate is sealed because of terrible monster attacks!
: Then we'll tell the guard we can kill the monsters if he opens the gate.
: Perhaps that plan will work, or maybe it won't. You can only try... in any event, I'll be around...

: I mean... offering us a test to enter the magic guild, and then excluding me? What kind of attitude is that? Gimme a break!
: ...

Thank you Hiro that was very enlightening.

At least we can start to figure out what the hell is going on here. The mysterious hooded figure is actually the leader of an ancient magic city doing a recruitment drive in BFE (BFL?) and there are ghosts. Maybe.

Maybe we should seek some clarification.

Wait, what the fuck are you-

Uh, okay. See you around?

: What's wrong with that guy? He's acting like he's seen a ghost or something...

I guess the party didn't actually see that? Huh. Whatever. That was weird.

Hey! Stop that!

: Oh no... I think she's after you now...

I think this hooded lady needs a hobby. Let's get out of here and give this weirdo someone else to stalk.

: If I did, the lives of all the villagers would be in danger.
: But we can defeat the beasts if you just let us through!
: I'm sorry, I don't have the authority to make that decision. Just be patient. He should be here soon...

I guess that guy in the sanctuary wasn't bullshitting.

: Uh, if Leo's coming, we'd better lay low...

You again.

: Come with me and I'll share something very interesting...

...I don't have to climb into a van, do I?

: There's a haunted manor to the east of the village with a secret mountain pass. If you can get through the manor, the pass will take you to Nota. I'll be waiting outside the manor... don't keep me waiting...

: Uh... didn't she say the manor was haunted? Maybe she was one of the spooks!
: I sensed that she had an aura of strong magic about her...
: Maybe we should take her advice and check it out.
: Oh, this is just great! Some weird girl comes out of nowhere, and we're gonna take her advice and follow her through some spook house! This is just going to make my week!

Hey, doing whatever strange women wanted you to do is what got us to where we are. Which isn't a ringing endorsement, now that I stop and think about it.

So, we're not gonna just slaughter the monsters threatening the town like any good RPG hero. Instead we're traipsing through a haunted manor. Okay. Before we leave, let's at least check the stores.

Takkar is the first town in the game with a equipment shop separate from the item shop. And inside, there are two different clerks, one for armor and one for weapons. Let's check out weapons first.

Say, what's that? No one in my party can equip staffs... very odd. The top row is stuff we've already seen before, however next to the Water Staff there's a bow. It's an improvement for Ronfar's attack power, and he gets a long-range attack with it. Sold!

Again, the armor is mostly stuff we already have, with the only new thing being a Wisdom Robe for Ronfar. But it also has anti-sleep, which will be very, very nice to have.

There's an item shop too, but again, nothing you haven't seen, and none of it worth buying.

All right, I'm sick of Takkar. To the ghost manor!

: I just want you all to know that I'm against this!

Concern duly noted and ignored.

So, to the east, huh. Well, let's get ready for the jour-

Oh. Wow that was easy.

Too easy, actually. We could just go there right now. Buuuut... there's actually something off even further right.

There's actually a rather large area here, and it's completely optional to go here. But you will want to. Besides, we haven't seen the new enemies of the Madoria Plains.

Both of these enemies were beginning game enemies in Lunar 1. Especially the Dung Beetles, which were some of the weakest enemies in the game. And while the Dung Beetles are hardier than you'd think in this game, they're still not that scary. No, it's the flytrappers. The one on the bottom, caught mid-way in its animation, is preparing to do its special attack. What is its special attack?

A fuck-ton of damage. That's it.

They also take a lot of hits to take down, so don't fuck around with these things.

Or that will happen to you. Oops.

It's still worth your while to come out here.

Because treasure! And weirdly threatening music!*

*PSX version again!

The treasure chests in the middle have a starlight, and two things of 1003 silver. Nice. On the ends, though, we have...

A very powerful healing item! Dover Nuts will be over-kill for some time, but it's nice to have one for a bad situation.

The Fresh Ring is the real treasure. It protects against Freeze, Poison, and Sleep. Very nice. Since Ronfar has Sleep protection for now, the ring goes to Hiro.

Now that we've done that profitable detour, back to ghosts.

: Here, let me open the door to the manor...

: But be warned. This manor is packed with powerful monsters. If you are not confident in your command of magic, you'd better not go in.

Well, only one of our party members can really cast magic, and she's particularly choosy about when she decides to. I have a feeling, though, that this will be suspiciously tailored to our specific party.

: Now, all I have to do is get there ahead of them...

Clever girl.

We'll save the actual ghost adventure for next time. I have a feeling this may take a while.