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Part 25: Odds and Ends #3: We've Spending Our Vacation At the Library

Odds and Ends #3: We've Spending Our Vacation At the Library

Like the first game, there is a ton of text in the Vane library. And this time it gets an update to itself so let's go!

First, the exposition.

: The most popular Dragonmasters in history were: 'Cyclone' Zeon, 'Iron Fist' Loka, Dyne, and the last Dragonmaster... Alex.
: I think I like Alex best. What about you, Hiro?

I dunno, I'm partial to 'Iron Fist' Loka myself. Can't hate someone with such a badass nickname.

: Festivals for the Goddess Althena were not uncommon in the early days of Lunar. Most featured elaborate dances, as well as singing in the Goddess' honor.
: That sounds like fun! I want to revive that tradition!

Yeah, how the hell did that change anyway? Makes no sense, man...

: The last true Dragonmaster of this world was a boy called Alex. He married the human form of the Goddess Althena, and they lived a long time.

Aw, they got married

: Does she trust that we have become self-sufficient? Or, have we simply been abandoned?
: We know the answer to that, now don't we Hiro?

She... forgot to set her alarm clock?

: There is a holy city across the sea where only special people can live. An evil has been seal within its walls, never to be unleashed again.


: There is a way to travel to the Blue Star, but no one has uncovered the method. It is rumored that it involves the Star Tower...

"It is also rumored to involve floating crystals and nudity, but that's just a spurious guess."

: The history of the Blue Star is the history of war. People destroyed the only home they ever knew, then the Goddess Althena brought a select few to populate Lunar.
: Hiro, this is a really old book. It's in really bad shape.

And then, of course, there is the silliness. There's a lot of silliness this time around.

: Magic requires great powers of concentration. To develop these skills, try this: Eat two boxes of laxatives, and concentrate on not using the bathroom. Passing this test means not using the bathroom for 180 minutes. It's much harder than it sounds...

A lot of silliness.

: Show me these things, oh Goddess, beautiful and true...
: Oh no! What is my poem doing out like that?! Don't read any more...

Ah, well, it didn't feature any anatomically questionable fucking, so it's not as bad as it could be.

Nope. I refuse to believe that woman has an ounce of common sense in her. Moving on.

: But now that Miria opened a "reading is fundamental' program here, I've learned to read. Now you can't stop me from reading. I love it!

Okay, okay, she's not that stupid. Maybe. Possibly.

: I hate to think of what my life would be if I still couldn't read. I'd probably be reading picture signs over the deep fryer at Mc Borgan's.

: Hiro, I think you may have read this book!
: ...
: Ah Hiro! Don't be shy, you little devil!

"I saw you kiss that cop!"

: What is a book like that doing here? I think I'm gonna be sick...

What is with the Vane Library's obsession with animal cruelty?!

: Hey, Chief! Why not borrow this book? I bet you'd have Ruby whipped into shape in no time!
: I'll show you 'whipped into shape' you big idiot!

: Some say that the strange lights seen in the sky are visitors from the Blue Star.
: ...what?

I know, I'm as baffled as you are Lucia. I mean, the UFO quest should be triggered, but for some reason they won't let me do it! What the hell?

...sorry, I've been playing Wild Arms 3 and the Telepath Towers are pissing me off.

: I'm very glad Miria changed that stupid, elitist rule. Like Rush says, 'power to the people!'
: Rush? Rush who? Oh! You mean the guy that looks like he should be Sally Struthers' chef? You couldn't pay me to listen to him.

She doesn't know who Rush is, but makes a reference to Sally Struthers... Working Designs, you so confusing.

Actually, was the guy referring to the band or the conservative fuckhead? I can guess which one Lemina is referring to, but... I'm not terribly familiar with either. I'm just going to assume we're talking about the band because that angries the blood less.

: Now, no matter what a person's background, they can read these books. Well, all of them except Lemina's private collection.

Except when she leaves them out like a ditz.

: That's what scholars do, you know. Read books and talk about what they've read. Sounds like just the job for me!

Yeah, kid, follow your dreams! And then realize over a decade later that you can't get a job because you followed your dreams! Idiot.

: Hallelujah! It's about time someone wrote this book! Let's borrow it...

Hi 1995!

Also holy shit I didn't realize how long Barney ran on for. Since 2010!

: I want ta have one wit' lots uh pitchers... I like purdy pitchers. I'm tryin' ta get smart 'nuf ta use that magic stuff, but Pah don' believe in me.

Working Designs, why do you hate my spellchecker?

(At least Meryod isn't actually in this game...)

: See a penny. Pick it up. All day long, you'll have good bowel regularity.

In case you're wondering, there are actually other volumes of "Inspirations" and they're not terribly interesting. And then suddenly, boom! Bowel Regularity.

Seems like insomnia solutions got even more extreme since the first game.

: Don't play.
: What the hell kind of advice is that? I play all the time and always win!

I'd be offended if that was the whole book. I mean, what's the rest of it, empty pages?

: I love playing in the library! It's so much fun!
: Didn't your parents teach you that a library is not the place for fun and games?

So that kid that talked about "playing ditch" meant "Dewey Decimal Ditch?" Does it... involve opening the card catalog then running away?

: Why don't they fall out of the sky into our world? I mean, they're just hanging there!

Well they do. What do you think happened to Lucia?

: All books owned by Lemina shall be only available by rental at the price of 100S.
: Oh, don't mind that price list. I'll let you guys read my books for free!

At the very top of the library, all of the books there belong to Lemina. She'll have a little comment for each of them.

: This book is fascinating. It details all the things that brought Vane down. Once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down.

Nope, nope. Not dignifying that one.

: This is my favorite book. The author is a former orphan. She became a successful business woman against all odds. It's so inspiring...

Frankly, I had to include this one just for the name of the book.

: I like some of the things in this book, although it does go too far sometimes...

Even Lemina has her limits. Who knew?

Anyway, we're done with this little diversion. Next up is Azado and, then, maybe, finally, Pentagulia.