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Part 3: Boys Suck


The second we step outside, we get into a fight with the boys.

Ellie proceeds to brutally immolate her peers.

And then raid their corpses for baked goods.

All right, this is how this is going to work. I'm going to ask you some questions. You're going to answer them. If you're lying, trust that I will know, and I will be very unhappy.
How are you going to know?
Dang it Ellie will you just have my back for once? You-
Hey, were you listening to me?
She- she- just snuffed him out like that!
I wanna go hooooo-

Please don't hurt me!
If there's any more trouble, I'll teach you a lesson! Ellie! Let's get going!

Ant's gonna come an' save me!
Somebody save me

Disappointingly, all the boys say the same thing. There's more than one occasion in this game where multiple NPCs have the same dialogue. While this certainly isn't unusual for 90's RPGs, GameArts in general had always been quite careful to make NPC dialogue varied and unique. It's a bit of a letdown.

-there's no way to ship them off the island.
Oh that's fine. We have other ways to dispose of them.


... ...

A friendly reminder from your LPer; the characters in this game are all very young teenagers and I'd really appreciate it if no one posts anything of a skeevy nature. I shouldn't have to say this, but I feel like I'll need to.

Anyway, there's just one more loose end to tie up. So Ant and his buddies are in a coastal cavern, eh?

Fortunately, the game answers that one for us.

Just you wait! I'll teach 'em a lesson!
With, uh... your help.

Wait, hasn't I seen this place before-
Oh no.

Oh it won't be so bad. We scouted it out ahead of time.
Well I hope you took notes because I was thinking about lemon pies the entire time.
Eh, I remember the gist. We'll be okay.

And now there's random encounters in the cave, just so Ellie and Lena can earn even more notches on the kill count.

All we have to do is make it to the door that irked Lena so much. Just go up and you can't miss it; I only got into two random battles on the way. Again, the entire right side of the cave will be completely ignored.

You gave the orders to steal our clothes and food? Why!?
Hey, it was for your own good!

I- I can't even respond. You three are so reprehensible that I can't get pissed off! I'm so angry I can't get angry!
How does that even make sense?
Come on Lena, remember what we came here to do!
Oh right murder.

You're pathetic! Alright, time to teach you a lesson!
Hey, Ant! Allow me!

Because these boys are clearly strategy masterminds, they're gonna fight us one at a time rather than all at once.

As is befitting, all of them use magic to attack you. Naturally, Rick here is easily the weakest one, and it only takes three rounds to take him down.

However, this isn't actually a true mid-boss rush, since we can heal in-between the fights. Also spend a few seconds with the fast forward button to get our MP back.

Uh... Ant, why is the redhead girl just staring into space?
Yo! Freaky fire lady! Earth to freaky fire lady!
Will no one help me I am in so much pain

Onto the next one.

Kule's magic doesn't do as much damage, but he hits the whole party with his spells. He still goes down in three turns, and gives slightly more experience than his green haired friend. Whatever.

Time to take out the-
Are you done?
Oh, yes, let's go.

Let's take him down!

Finally, we get to kick his ass.

As is appropriate, Ant is by far the toughest of the three. He's the only one I could see losing a party member to if you're very careless.

You'd have to be stupidly careless, though, since he too goes down in three turns.

Or maybe actually ate that donut.
Why would that have mattered?! would have restored HP?
You can do that?!

Aren't you that crazy chick ranting about murder all the time?
I don't rant about it all the ti-
And you just want me to apologize? That's it?
You will not die so easily. You will suffer under the unbearable weight of your crimes. You are beyond hope.
I will personally drag you to every village in Lunar so that every human being will know the evils you've done.
We can't leave this island.
...I will personally make you apologize to all the girls.

Heh, as if! Rick, Kule! Let's dash!


Monsters, all over town! Nobody knows what to do! We're a wreck!
Aw man... We can't bother with those idiots right now.
Don't worry about it. I mean, we saw what's on the island. Where are they going to go, really?
Also I have the strange feeling that if we chased after them there'd somehow be no trace of them.
Oh- okay...

Let's hurry back!

Fortunately, since the boys have skedaddled, there's no more random encounters in the cave.

And indeed, there are monsters in town. Thankfully, they're just the forest monsters, and those guys were jokes when our characters were level one.

Considering that monsters are right outside the door here you're pretty calm about this.
Well, I do know magic. Everyone here does. And those 'monsters' are just little pig bunnies things.
...why did you guys bother fetching us again?

And look who showed up here? Hello boys.

Please don't hurt me.
In any case, I think everyone is safe-
I don't think I'm gonna be safe for long.

-so we can probably relax.

Yer darn right!


Please! Find Ant for us!
I'm thinking.... naaaaaaaaaaaaa-
We're actually really worried about him!
Is- is that a no?
C'mon Lena, let's help them.
Because we're better than them, Lena.
Also we can rub it in their faces.
Now you're speaking my language.

Is he ever not in trouble?
Ah well, can't be helped. Back to the cave, I guess.

Wee backtracking! Oh and apparently the monsters just fucked off since there's no more in town. Okay. And they didn't go to the cave or anything, so the cave still doesn't have random encounters. Well at least the backtracking is painless.

Huh he does know how to write. Pay up.
Urgh, fine.
Wait a second what is this doing here? What "boss monster?" How does he know where it is? Why did he ditch his friends to fight a monster, but then takes the time to write a letter? Was he planning on dying to it? What is wrong with this guy?!

He doesn't stand a chance, does he?
Pity. Let's go after him!
Don't want the monster to gut him first?
Mostly I don't want the boss monster to make its way to the town and gut everyone there, actually.

The forest Ant referred to is right next to the coastal cave, so that's a short trip.

This was actually the forest I raided for herbs back in the first update, so there's nothing to do but find Ant or his remains, depending on how he's doing. It doesn't take long, since the game is still firmly in baby mode. Where it will remain for most of the game.

Unlike last time, there are random encounters, but I only got into one on the way. New enemies, but again they're one-shot by Flay so who cares. There is an enemy called a Fatty, so there's that.

In any case, it's just all the way down, and then to the left until we find our next boss.

Wait, we beat you here? How?!
I had to find my way here. Unlike you girls, I... don't... have... directional cheating? Directional cheatings. Cheaters. did you get lost getting here?
That cave was bigger than it looks!
Not really. I mean, there's a bit of maze in there but it's easy enough to remember that the entrance is-
Whatever! Shut up and let me kick this thing's butt!

Ha! That made this whole stupid mess worth it.

...I didn't ask for your help!
Stuff it! We've got bigger problems!

All right ant boy. Try not to mess up, okay? Just hang back and let Ellie fry this thing, okay?

Nice try ladies, but I'm not letting you steal all the glory!

I like to call that one the Ice Ant Spe-

I, uh, can't.
I'm not joking! That spell takes a lot out of me!
Yeah, I'm on it.

So Ant comes in packing some pretty great spells for this point... and only 16 MP. His best spell, Ice Lance, is 12. He also gets a spell called Rain Breath that's 14 MP, but that's a group attack spell therefore kinda pointless for a boss fight.

Ice Sword isn't quite as good as Ice Lance, but it's still better than Flay. But at 6 MP, he's not casting too many of those. I had him cast Ice Lance, defend, cast Ice Sword, and then he's pretty much done. That still took about 150 damage off, while Ellie does a little over 20 a round, so that's more than appreciated.

The Treant is the hardest hitting boss so far. Still, Ant has the lowest HP here at 45, so unless Lena just picks her nose the whole battle, you'd still be hard pressed to lose anyone.

Another round of levels! At least for the characters that matter.

I'll, uh, take your word for it.
There must be something inside! I'll take a closer look.
There he goes again...

So he walks into the plant and-

...he vanished? W-what's going on? You saw that too, didn't you?
Okay we're going crazy together. That's comforting.

Could this be a monster nest!?

I'm not sure I do.

That's a... diplomatic way of putting that.
And then there's Lena. I do want to talk about her as well. I have a feeling her file is going to end up very interesting.
Are you quite done, Emma? Ant caused some serious problems.
Say, speaking of, what's he up to at the moment?

Out with it, Elenora.
Isn't that him over there?

Uh... quick say something cool!

Prepare yourselves!
For the record, I blame all of you for this.