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Part 4: The Lord of the Flies Experiment

So are you really sure we shouldn't go check what happened to Ant?

The guys really screwed the pooch on this one, huh? But we're here now.
I'd think about trying to escape but the island is moving!
Oh right it does that.

There are, uh, some problems with this translation, I have to admit. (Still miles better than Lunar Dragon Song's, mind you.)

We'll deal with things as they come! It's not like the island is going to suddenly sink...
Why would you think that would-

Of course...

Eh? W-what?

It's all over! We're gonna die!
It's not my fault! I can't cause earthquakes!
But it's interesting, isn't it? Let's go and check it out!

All we have to do to investigate is to leave the building.

Lena. Don't you say-
I won't say "it's too quiet." Sheesh I'm not an idiot.
Technically you just said "it's-

Huh? W-what?

Ellie, where are you going?
I've got to save everybody!
But how!?
I don't know! But I have to do SOMETHING!
You're right! Let's go!

Since I'm sure you're sick of more shaking gifs just trust me it shakes again and-


Now we're here.

Good to hear!
...where are we?
This is Iyen's official student lounge! I am the counselor, Emma! Please to meet you!
...WHAT?! How... what.. I...
Calm down dear. Let's just start with the basics. Like your name?

I'm OUCH...
Please to meet you Ouch!
Okay, not the time.

Ah! It'd be best if you don't move around too much. Once you feel up to it, please go upstairs to the assembly hall. The student president will be there to explain.
Oh- okay...

Maybe it was. What is real? Maybe everything we know is a dream.
I- think you may need to take a bit more time to rest.

Okay, I'm not the only one reeling from this. That's good.

Uh... yeah. They are.

Wh- what exam?!
Oh, you haven't heard yet... uh, well, I haven't heard the whole story, but I'm gonna guess you'll want to be seated when they tell you.
...oh I'm not looking forward to what Lena's gonna do.
The short blonde, right? I think she's, uh, heard.
How much did she break?
A few things. Although for some reason she suddenly stopped. Dunno why.

Okay yeah I need to hear an explanation.

Still in one piece, I see!
Nothing broken, at least! But what happened...? I was hoping for an explanation.
And um, how are you feeling?
What? I'm okay, why do you ask?
I was just wondering if you were... reacting okay to all of this?
What are you talking about? I'm fine.
Oh and have you had these cucumber sandwiches? They're pretty good.
...those crafty fiends.

It can be explained easily. Rationalized is a different story.

You all fought us individually for no reason and then your leader ditched everyone to fight something he could not beat by himself.
Girls just don't get it! Real men have to-
You know, I'm thinking this isn't the time to have this argument.

Nice to meet you. I am Brown, the student president at Iyen School.
What happened to us on that island anyway?
Hmm, well... how to put it... that was your entrance exam.

This here is a model of the island.
Wow! It's quite detailed!
Our principal's invention. He was able to create another Iyen in a parallel dimension.
Wait back up, "parallel dimension?" What is that? How can you do that? Wh-
Ellie, ssh!
Are you really going to let this go because of some stinking sandwiches?!
First of all these sandwiches are fantastic. Secondly, unless we play along, we aren't going to find out what's going on.
... ...damn it you're right.

So we were all walking around on top of this model then?
Not exactly, but close enough.
But then, how do you decide who passes and who fails?
Mind you, freshmen are selected quite precisely before the test. The model is a way for us to get to know your inner natures.
That's twisted! Voyeuristic!
I hate to say it, but I completely agree with Ant. If we were already accepted why did you test us?! Was there really no other way to see how we reacted to-
You can complain later. Normally, the whole thing takes a full week.

Kind of a pity, to be honest.
A whole week?! Some of us might have DIED in the meantime! Actually, now that I think about it, someone might have?
...don't worry, we managed to tend to Ted's wounds.
Who are- Oh right, Ted! Well, that's good.
I think Emma's file on her is going to be just as interesting...

If I'd known, I might have acted differently!

And look at all the mistakes you made!
Why did you speak of mistakes? In the end, all boils down to this...


By the way, you want to know how this whole entrance exam is handled in the remake? It's not. It's cut out entirely. In Magic School Lunar, you just arrive at the harbor, meet Ant and his cronies plus a character we won't meet in Walking School for another chapter, the island pulls up to pick you up (because it can do that, remember?), and then you meet the faculty.

Huh, it's almost as though this whole exam was a really, really dumb idea.

And now Ant antagonizes Lena for no reason!

By the way, apparently in Japanese Ant calls her "chibi" or rather "shorty." Because Lena is very sensitive about her height, or lack thereof. I dunno why they didn't put "shorty," it'd work just fine. Although I guess that would make it seem like Ant's dialogue should be auto-tuned. that still a thing in pop music? "Shorty" or "Shawty?" Do the kids still do the charleston?

Baby, you say!? You're so stupid! How DARE you!?
What was that, baby!?

Guys, are we really just going to... ignore this?

We could have been killed! Am I the only one who's upset about this?! Is anyone listening to me?!

... know what, I don't even care anymore. I'm taking a nap.