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by Camel Pimp

Part 8: It's Art; You Wouldn't Understand

Wait, a field trip to round out their students' education!? It's almost like Iyen is a real school or something.

Oddly enough, we don't start this chapter off with our scrappy heroines.

It's been a long year, Court.
We have again gathered many great masterpieces over that year. Please, take the time to appreciate the results of our hard work.
So, I bet we'll see a lot of really weird... Umm... Rather, a lot of wonderful things!
This year's theme is "monsters." We have so many exhibits that we used the basement as extra space.
About those exhibits.
Are they actually... all different from one another?
I don't understand the question.
They are all unique exhibits, correct? Not just three or four unique ones, with the rest being the same three over and over again?
...we had this discussion last time, Steele. If you cannot learn to appreciate the arts, then I don't feel-
Forget I asked. Anyway, how did getting the exhibit together go?

We did hit a few snags, but everything turned out quite well.

What sort of problems did you have?
Oh, don't worry about that.
Please tell me we're not going to have a repeat of last year.
We only have so many copies of our "condolences" form letter.

Please, it's no big deal! Ha ha ha!

It... walks?
It's cute!
That's a fascinating little statue there. Is there a machine in it?
Well, not a "machine" exactl-

Oh, now this just will not do! Another of those statues has gone wild!?
Would this be one of those little "snags" you mentioned! Wait, "another of those statues?" How many people have your statues eaten?!
A couple, but it was just some freshmen, no big deal.
Guess we're going to need more of those form letters.

We fade from that scene to-

Wha- where the heck are we?
We're in Shell, didn't you read the opening text?
Oh come on who reads those!
...what are you two talking about?
Senia has a point; how did we get here?
Did neither one you pay attention when we walked over here?
When did we walk over here?!
Just now!
Look. We're not too far from the school. I'll show you.

Starting to look familiar?

It's just south of that sea-side cave. See? Starting to remember?
I have no idea where this is.
We've been here! We beat up Ant and his stupid toadies here! I would think you'd remember THIS place!
Huh, no fooling.

Nope, sorry, still don't know where we-
Okay, sheesh, keep your voice down.
How could you not know-
Eh, I just let you remember how to get around. You seem to like stuff like that.

I actually did go back to the school for a reason; I missed getting spells last time because I just didn't think to do it, so I thought to make up for last chapter.

Hey, Senia learned a healing spell! That's neat, although it's not as though I've needed it; Lena can keep the party healthy just fine by herself, especially since her new Cure spell hits the whole party.

Unfortunately, this is all I got. I really, really needed a new attack spell here, game. I thought perhaps I didn't get more new spells because of the Shell event, but it seems like the entire faculty (barring Steele) is here, so I guess I'm just not up for the spells I need. That sucks.

In any case, back to Shell. Since there's an art exhibit on display, let's get all cultured and shit.

Even monsters need to boogie down!

What's so great about this?
I think it's cute!
But... like... is it art?
Why- why wouldn't it be art?
You just don't understand.

There's a path with a bunch of exhibits in the center of town, but you can also enter into the buildings.

But the exhibits inside aren't as impressive.

supposed to be!
I think... it's not supposed to be like a real thing. It represents something you can't see.
Like what?
Man's inhumanity to man.
Wow. Really?
Yeah sure why not?

I think it just represents man's laziness.

The state of the worlds flows in a constant cycle.

Of course, even the unique statues aren't particularly deep or anything.

I dunno, I kinda want to know how it floats in the air.

How can a mirror tell a lie? ...wh- what's this? I don't look this weird, do I!?
It doesn't seem to reflect things the way that they really are... It really does lie!
Heh, let me take a look. Wow! I sure have grown, huh?
Lena, you do realize that this is a lying mirror, right?
That's not what I wanted to hear you say!

And in another case they just put a funhouse mirror and called it an exhibit. The MoMA this is not.

An inorganic fish was made to swim through this water.

Hey, lemme try something!

Wait a sec! You can't keep that fish! It's part of the exhibit!

Ugh... UGH! What!? It's made out of stone!
You're such a simple girl, Senia! Do you not know what "inorganic" means?
Do you?
Wait, you just bit into a stone fish! Are you okay?
What? Yeah, of course I am. Just chipped one tooth.
Oh- okay.

Oh, and guess who's also here.

Clever as always, boys.
What do you want?
Just wanted to check up on my favorite failures.
Laugh it up girls! You may win the battle, but we will win the war!
I think you have to win at least one battle to win the war.
I hate you guys.

There's one more statue outside, but this person is blocking the way.

What's wrong with it?
It's just... hard to explain.
What, does it shoot lasers or something
Uh... no.
Then can we see it?
Absolutely not.
No! Away with you!

Finally, in the middle of town we see this thing:

Bleh, it's way too big! Its size distracts the mind from its greatness.
You sound like you really know a lot about art, Lena!
Hey, hey! What is this anyway? An entrance?
"Temporary Exhibition Hall." Why don't we go inside?
Why not?

Hm, kinda looks like a maze but isn't really. Seems famil-
Oh no this is a dungeon!
Well, Ellie, guess we're gonna need you navigating again.
Yeah, yeah.
Please let it be an actually cool adventure... Please let it be an actually cool adventure...

Something's coming from behind us!

Why do I even get my hopes up.

Sounded like she needed help! Maybe that walking thing swallowed her!?
Hey, pretty sharp!
...but this means that we've got to hurry if we want to save her!
Right, let's get to i-

Who's Elenora?
Got me.
I think she works in the library or something whatever she needs our help!

What are you doing here?
We wanted to look at the statues, but...
But it looks like Elenora's been abducted. What happened?
I'm sorry, but I can't fill you in on the details. We're in a bit of a rush!
Uh, hello? We're offering our help?
What happened to Elenora?
The sculptures have gone wild, and one of them took Elenora.
But they're just statues, right? Why would they come to life?

It's all quite simple.
You see, each piece of art possesses its own soul.
Guys, I can hear you! Can you hear me?
This year's theme was monsters.
Please, I'm scared!
We crafted them to move like the real thing, and voila!
Where am I?! I can't hear you anymore! Please help me! Pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaassseee
Didn't you think about this before you acted? Didn't you think that just maybe this could be dangerous?
Excuse me little girl, I knew perfectly well the risks we faced!
I just didn't care.

Can we do anything about it?
Of course we can! An artist can do anything!
...and Elenora? You haven't forgotten her, have you?
Of course not! But we'll have the other statues to take care of. Can you help her for us?
...yeah, okay.

Ellie, I think I'm with you on this one. This is stupid.
Thank you.

While dungeon is thankfully quite a bit shorter than the earlier snooze fest, there's one little problem.

Enemy HP took another leap. Senia's Bolt no longer leaves enemies on death's door. Now I need Ellie's Flay or Flame polish them off, or to cast Bolt twice. Either way, battles take longer.

But most importantly, this game continues the tradition of adorable pilsbury doughboy zombies. Look at them

Also, these things are called "Mens." I have no idea.

You might have started to realize things are gonna get weird again.

I don't think it's a monster... Maybe it's artwork?
It's coming this way!

What the-