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Part 10: Oh Hello Plot Didn't See You There

It's a nice day for a blitz wedding.

I think the chapter intro text is trying to have make a little joke here, but it's rather awkwardly translated, so I'm not 100% sure.

So what do you think we're being called in for this time?
Something about a student meeting.
You think we're in trouble?
For what? We didn't do anything lately.
Eh, they'll think of something. I mean, Emma still sometimes talks to me about what happened during the exam. Can you believe that?
Me too. She's really hung up on what I did to Ant and his friends. Oh, and... what's his face.
Something like that.
What exam?
You- you don't remember? When we showed up no one was here. Wait, come to think of it, I don't remember seeing you there.
Because I wasn't.
How did you get into this school then?
I dunno. I just came here, showed them I could do lightning, and they let me in.
Girls! Girls!

Hello there! How a-
Emma I didn't do anything wrong and also I assure you it's Senia fault.
You bitch!
Language, Senia! No, girls, you're not in here because you did anything wrong! The student council just wishes to discuss all the amazing things you girls have done lately!
"Amazing" would be one way to describe it.
I'd love to sit in on the meeting, but I'm in a bit of a rush at the moment. Oh! But before I forget.

A letter? Who's it from?
Oh that reminds me, I do need to write my dad back. Man, he wouldn't believe me if I told him half the stuff that's happened.
I know. My mom keeps bombarding me with letters. Keeps asking me about my grades, whatever that's about.

Sorry about this, but I'm gonna pass on the student meeting! Heh heh!

I bet that letter is from her boyfriend!
Are you gonna spy on her?
Goodness, no! Hahah!
I'm gonna spy on her AFTER the meeting.
Hey anyway, let's hurry! We said we wouldn't be late!

Come on, sit down! I want to hear all of your stories!
What? I'm here too, you know!? Hellooo!
Well, I'm just glad we're not late. So when is everyone else coming?
There is no one else.
Are you seriously telling me this is the whole student council?
Are you surprised?, not really.
Well, uh, since we're all here...

I didn't know what kind you liked, but I made this. It's called Uban Milk Tea. I hope you like it!

Oh, Lena! You're here too? when did you get here?
I suppose I'm too short for you to notice!

Lena, it appears that our student president only has eyes for Ellie!
Oh hell no.
You're horrible! I get it already! I'm short! You don't have to go on about it!
That's, uh, not exactly what I meant... What I mean is that I think our student president here likes-
Yeah, it is really rude how you keep teasing Lena about her height Ellen!
I know, right!
That's not what I meant and you know- my name isn't Ellen!
I have nothing to say about this.

Anyway, we'd better see to that tea... It's already getting cold!
Yeah, that's right.

Oh, uh, hi there.
I thought you said there weren't any other student council members.

He he he he.
He said "D."

How do you know that?
I 'unno. He's evil?
Fair enough.

I've been to the four corners the world, gathering the most talented people... To make them into my slaves! And you're the next on my list, Brown![sic]
Ugh... ! That grammar!
I will grant you the honor of serving me, Memphis, for the rest of your meager life! Go forth, my servants!

Huh, he can do that telekinetic pull thing too.
Think he's related to Dadis?



Damn it.

You fiends! We'll avenge Elaine!
She's not dead. And her name is-
If you're not gonna fight then shut up!

They- they cast Flay too?! How? Am I... Is the reason I can cast such powerful fire magic because I'm descended from the Vile Tribe?!
No that's stupid go burn the goblins to death please.

These guys are actually somewhat tough, as their Flay does pretty gnarly damage and I still haven't gotten a better fire spell since chapter... 5 or so?

But it's no where near the slog that the statue fight was.

I just felt a magical spike of great magnitude, but it seems to have dissipa-- Hm!? What happened to Elenora!?
Isn't she the librarian's assistant?
No! She's the redhead!
The other one! Argh!
Brown, please, focus. What happened to her?!
...she pushed me aside, and was taken by the Vile Tribe in my stead...
I see... Then we must head to the belly of the beast! Brown, you must help rescue her!
Of course...
We must act quickly, or there might be no hope of retrieving her at all. Ellie, Lena...
You got it. I'm ready to go!
Me too let's kick some Vile Tribe butt!

The two of you should go back to the dorm.
You- you don't need our help?
I know you two are worried about Elenora, but please, this is very dangerous.
Just... just do what I say, please.

Come on, Ellie, let's go.

I felt some sort of weird magical force from the lounge. Did something happen?
Yeah. Uh, one sec.

Oh right! Anyway-

Elenora was kidnapped by the Vile Tribe! Brown and Principal Steele are going to try to rescue her.
Really? If they'd just asked, I would have gladly helped.
Eh, we offered, but they didn't want the help. Said it was too dangerous for us.
We've beaten up statues and masks! What's some Vile Tribe to us?
I dunno have we even established what the Vile Tribe are in this LP yet?
Stop breaking the fourth wall!
I don't even know where that is anymore!

Oh right, I haven't explained the Vile Tribe. The Vile Tribe was a collection of people and demons and demi-humans and it's always been kind of unclear what kind of beings made up the Vile Tribe and- anyway, once upon a time this Vile Tribe decided that Althena, the goddess of the land of Lunar, was no good at her job, and they went amok. They were right, but that was beyond the point; Althena banished the Vile Tribe to a desolate land called the Frontier for their evil goddess-hating ways. Despite what Lunar Dragon Song will have you believe, you can't just walk to the Frontier, so the Vile Tribe being outside of the Frontier is a huge deal. People are surprisingly calm about it, really.

Yeah, this game assumes you're already familiar with the Lunar series. The game isn't too heavily mired in mythos, but it doesn't explain any of the terms when they pop up. Of course, if you're reading this, you quite possibly already are somewhat familiar with the series anyway, and my explanation was redundant. But hell, just in case, right?

So who's up for a jarring topic shift?

I'm sorry for spoiling that.
You're really too kind. Thanks for that. Also you don't have to apologize for the Vile Tribe kidnapping someone. For the moment, could I ask you to come to the port with me?
Why's that?
Umm... Azu is... Coming...

Azu's really coming here! I'm so excited, I can hardly stand still!
I know that tone and don't you dare-
You know the Vile Tribe just kidnapped some people, right? Maybe-
Ellie I don't think you want to continue that thought.
I- I do not.
Anyway, OHMIGOSH you guys Azu!

He must really want to be with me!
I'd be embarrassed if I showed up by myself...
So please! Come with me to the harbor! Please!
Ahaha! I'm sorry, it's just funny!
What's funny half-pint?
Tha- that you're happy- no I mean-

You're just being really cute right now and I'm happy for you and please don't kill me.
Oh! Okay! So you're coming?

Of course we'll go with you!

So our next destination is clear (and yes the harbor we have to go to is the same harbor as earlier, the game isn't trying to pull anything on you) there's a bit of stuff we need to do.

As you might imagine, the Vile Tribe is a slightly bigger concern for the student than Azu's letter.

how could they overlook me?
Oh yeah, well your HAIR needs all the help it could get.
... ...pardon me?
A... little too late Senia.
It's okay Senia...

Aw, buck up! You're a really good student, I think the Vile Tribe is itching to capture you.
Yeah! You're probably totally on their list!
Th- thanks.

Oh by the way, Richter's actually just hanging around in the dorm, failing to kill vampires. Or maybe you can assume he's killing vampires off screen, because he's not going to contribute anything else for the rest of the game.

So the Vile Tribe are horribly sexist on top of being evil demons? Good to know.

Run for your lives!

The response to the Vile Tribe is... surprisingly varied.

Insert your favorite joke about potheads here, I guess.

Oh, I finally bought something, namely robes. Lunar-net suggests skipping the first available robe, so I did. And not because I just forgot to check the robe store again until now. Yup.

I could definitely afford the new robes. I bought two, one for Ellie and the other for Lena. And there was no reason why I stiffed Senia so don't ask.

By the way, there is no equip screen or anything. You just go to your inventory and "use" the robe on whoever you want to equip it. You can't unequip them either, just replace it with a different robe. Yeah, robes were ditched in the remake, and for good reason.

Hey look it's Ramus's ancestor.

You know what's it's time for? Time to get some new spells. Maybe we'll get decent spells for once!

I have just been delivered a new spell from off-island. Would you like to take a look?
Heh heh! Of course! Oh Professor Ralph, you're so thoughtful!
What kind of spell is it, though? Hopefully it's not a stupid status spell.
Oh no, it's an attack spell.

So Lena finally learned an attack spell.

He he.
Ha ha!
You fool, what have you done?!
I didn't know! I didn't know!

Yeah, it's kind of too bad that this spell sucks.

Wait what

This spell doesn't do anywhere near the damage that Ellie or Senia's spells do. Also, it misses a lot for some reason. It's useless.

I hate you.

So how is that rescue going?
You know, of that kidnapped student?
I'm... planning. Currently.
Look if I do this will you just go away?

Oh hello where the hell were you?

As you can see, Ellie has decided to join the Thunder Goddess club with Senia. And yes, Bolt Strike is just a better Bolt. Also, Lena's Psi Air is an attack spell that's actually worth a damn. It's worse than anything Ellie or Senia have, but it attacks all enemies, and it doesn't miss. That counts as a win for Lena.

Oh don't worry, one of these days Lena you'll learn how to cause earthquakes.
...thank you Ellie.

Huh? What kind of spell is it? Please, tell me!
Finally, I'm gonna get something cool-


Yup, another useless status spell. The fan translation and Lunar-net's translation of spell names differ, and I can't tell what Lunar-net's translation calls this spell. So I'm not sure what it does, other than miss all the damn time and be worthless.

Ka-ching! These are both single-target spells, so now I've got better spells for random encounters and boss fights. Ellie's Flaze does awesome damage, although it is a hefty 12 MP. Fullstone isn't quite as good, though. It is surprising that Senia of all people gets an earth elemental spell.

How come YOU get an earth elemental spell?! You're the least... earth elementally thing I know!
You're just jealous of what I can do.

Gotta say, I like the way these guys think.

Wow, really?

And what?
What happened? After the Vile Tribe kidnapped you?
How did you escape?
So they let you go?
Okay then, who rescued you?
No one did.
Then how are you here?!
I live here what are you getting at with this?
Guys if we keep messing around here we'll miss Azu!
...fine. Whatever. Let's go.

I'm so glad you could come! Hey... Why DID you come? For me, maybe...?
Yes, I'm here for you.
Wow! He's so bold! I'm jealous!
Lena, I'm sure you'll find your better half!
Is it just me or is it getting kind of hot?
Ah crap I may have phrased that wrong. Senia, please... Don't get the wrong idea. I'm here at your father's behest.
... what? You mean you didn't WANT to come here? Are my father's wishes more important to you than ME!
Senia, about that... well...

Oh this is gonna be goo~d!
Stop that!

WHAT!? Am I little more than a piece of property to him!? Is THAT why you're here? You're no better than he is!

Wow, awkward.
What, I'm hungry.

Hey this is a private moment can you go awa-
Oh crap!

You'll be working for me now, Azu!

What should I do...?
We should at least inform the professors!

Yes? Is something the matter?
Oh... Azu... How could Memphis do this... My friend was taken... I've known him since we were children!

Calm down, Senia. Senia's childhood friend, Azu, was kidnapped by Memphis!
Tell me what you know about this! I need to save him!
...I have a feeling that this staff, which we pulled from one of Memphis's cronies, is at the core of this mess.
I'm thinking that Memphis was able to come to Iyen via this staff. They're likely experimenting on ways to rob us of our magic.
Um, question.
Yes, Ellie.
How do you know this, sir?
I felt a certain magical energy on the object.
Okay, but how do you know that's how the Vile Tribe got here? And how do you know they're trying to rob us of our magic? Because of this magical energy? How, exactly? What specifically tells you-
I just know Ellie.
Would you like to rescue your friend today?
Sir, that's real-
Shut your damn mouth Ellie.

...I'd like to try an experiment on THEM... They're not gonna get away with kidnapping Azu!
The cave on the beach leads to an underground labyrinth. Maybe they came in that way?
Very possibly.
How do you know THAT?!
I 'unno, how did you know they were Vile Tribe at first glance?
Oh wait. It never did. Carry on, then.

They should be there by now. You may go there as well. Do take the Vile Tribe's staff with you, by the way. You might need it.
We'd better get going.
Be careful, Ellie.
You're not even going to pretend you're gonna help, are you?

Well hey, look on the bright side. It's an adventure! And it'll actually be worth bragging about!
You're- you're right!
Yeah that's nice can we go rescue Azu now!?
Eh, I'm kinda tired. It'll wait until next time, right?
What "next time?" What are you talking about? Wait, don't you da