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Part 13: Don't be a Creep

Hmmm... He appears to be cursed.
I thought he was being controlled.
He's being controlled and cursed.
Wow. Sucks to be him.

The only way to break it is to destroy the source.
Go figure. I bet the Vile Tribe's behind this, huh? Maybe we ought to leave this to teachers.
I'm being serious!
Ha ha ha!

You yourself just said that you've been working so hard...
Ha ha ha!

Ho ho ho! Will you go?

A flash and a shake later.

That's not strictly right.

Wait, what? What are you talking about? C'mon! Spill it, old man! Hurry!
Well, you see... Ohh... No time. That's the Vile Tribe's castle.
Wait, wh-

That's amazing! Where the hell are we?
THAT is Demon Castle D, the Vile Tribe's stronghold.
Wow! It's incredible!
...that's what SHE said.


The Vile Tribe will be on the top floor. We just have to climb the stairs.
At least their castle came to us, huh...? Will we be able to beat them?
The three of us should be more than sufficient.
Wait, you're coming with us?
I wouldn't send you into such hostile territory alone!

Can- can I hug you?
Well, sir, I do appreciate it, but-

There's probably way more than three of THEM in there! I hope you're up to it, gramps...

Spoilers he's up to it.

Quick run down on his spells; Hoi! is a status spell of some description, Hoo! damages all enemies, Ha! instantly kills all non-boss enemies, and Soiree is a single target spell. Hoo! and Soiree are the only ones worth using. Hoi! never works and doesn't seem to do anything, so it's as useless as every other status spell in the game, and killing enemies with Ha! doesn't give you experience.

After the slog of the last chapter, the game has decided to throw us a bone. Despite being the Vile Tribe castle, it's not a super long or complicated dungeon.

Although there's an impassable door somewhere on the first floor, which suggests that we'll be here later, probably without Glen, and they'll probably stick a really annoying labyrinth there.

But for now we've got Glen tagging along. I actually had Ellie and Lena just defend every round, since there really was no point in them doing anything. So all those fancy new spells I got? Never really used them. They'll see use next chapter, though.

For some odd reason enemies here LOVED dropping items.

Of course, I'm full up on items I never use anyway. Also, I believe this game doesn't technically allow you to have a full inventory; you always have to have one empty space. Probably to make it so you always have space for plot important items.

But in sad news we're now forced to fight cats and dogs. And there's no "pet" option.

In any case, it's super short.

What? You're still alive, Glen? And still a creep.
You have no room to judge me.

And poof!

I'll get you back for that, old man!
When did you...!?
This isn't good! You're awake already!?
Hah! This child will be happier under my control than he ever would be at Iyen!
Are you kidding? To you he's just a tool to be used and thrown away! You just don't want to get your own hands dirty! But don't you worry. We'll wake him up!
Just you wait, you mean old hag!
Hmph! Big words from such a small girl!
I am NOT small!

Hahah! You tell her, Lena!
Rrgh...! You're one to talk, old man!

Okay, so I might have alluded to the fact that I really don't like Barua. Well, this is why. Barua's rather weird and creepy and... okay, I'm just going to say it, rape-y obsession with controlling an under-aged boy's mind? Yeah, it's really her only character trait. And it's a joke. Yeah.

Perhaps it's a bit hypocritical for me to bitch so much about this; I mean, Ghaleon in Lunar the Silver Star put 15 year old Luna in bondage gear and I didn't say much about that at the time. And arguably that's worse, as we're talking the active sexualization of an underage character. Although, at the very fucking least, Ghaleon had other character traits and didn't go around saying "I sure love putting 15 year olds in bondage gear!" I'm not defending that creepy bit of Lunar 1, please don't get me wrong, but I just want to explain why I really hate Barua.

Of course, I'll admit my distaste for this might be due to the fact I knew, right away, that if I ever LPed this game Barua the super creep would garner the most discussion. And it would bring other super creeps right out the woodwork. So, to quote a fellow LPer; don't be a creep. Don't be a creep! Don't be a fucking creep. Okay? Okay.

This is something I cannot forgive!
Wow! It's rare to see you get all fired up like this, Ellie!
Well, except for when our teachers are being stupid. Oh, and Taco Tuesday for some reason.
You saw those cheap, nasty taco shells right? Stella is better than that Taco Bell nonsense and we both know it!

Impudent little girl! I cannot stand brats like you! I love Taco Bell!
Mistress Barua... Let me take care of them! They just got lucky last time!
Heheh... As you wish! Show me what you can do!

Pictured: what he can do.

be a threat to you, Glen.
It seems that I'll just have to take you down myself!

Barua is the... closest thing to a hard fight this chapter.

She can do some damage, so Lena can't snooze the whole time. Still, she'll whiff against Glen, and Glen will ensure that it's a short battle.

Ellie can help, but she might as well sit on her hands the whole time. With Glen Soiree-ing it lasts about 3 turns.

I haven't given up on Winn yet!

She's caused a lot of problems in the past.
Pfft! Go on and run, loser! The Vile Tribe will never win against Iyen magicians!

Ohh... Um... Huh? Where am I?
You don't have a clue, huh? You were being controlled by the Vile Tribe!
Huh? Oh yeah... I remember some Vile Tribe woman appearing, then... Ooogh, it's all fuzzy.
You don't remember anything else?
I- really needed an adult?
Yeah, we got that. Anything else?

Uhm... Hm... I was at Iyen! I think. Right? Is this part of Iyen Island? I've been pretty confused about the geography so far.
You're a pretty simple guy when you get down to it, aren't you?

No, I'm... actually in a bit of pain. What happened to me?
Well we kinda had to beat you up a bit.
Wh- what? Why?
Well you were destroying a lot of stuff.
I did what?!
Don't worry, we beat that out of you.

You've got a lot to learn, m'boy!
We'll whip the ignorance right out of him!
Please not literally.
Eh. I was thinking it'll be more of a punching motion.

Incidentally, he does have a great deal of power. Do please take him to Steele for me.
Steele? You mean the Principal? You know him, gramps?

Back then? He knew less than you do now! And now he's become the principal of the school.
Wow! You must have been a great teacher!

Uh, dumb question, but...
Just who ARE you people?
We're... I guess you could call us upperclassmen.
And that means, as a freshman... You need to respect our authority!

Leave it to us! We'll introduce you to our professor!
Now we just have to walk all the way back to Iyen...
Well at least the monsters are all gone. We could just about skip home!
Right, PROFESSOR Glen!?
Ho ho ho! I'm not teleporting you back.
You wrinkly little jerk.

As for the remake, sadly, yes, Barua is in it as well. She also shows up much earlier, as early as chapter two. Winn's introduction, though, occurs later than hers, and is actually very similar in Magic School. He shows up right after Senia leaves, he's approached and then mind controlled by Barua, and then starts blowing up stuff. You even get Glen in your party temporarily (yes he is temporary I imagine you are surprised) and go to the Vile Castle. Honestly, out of all the chapters in Magic School, Winn's intro seems to be the one closest to the original.