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Part 14: Padding

All right, I'm going to warn you now; even for this game, this chapter is pointless. Yes, in the game that consists of nothing but filler, this is filler.

A scholarship! It's about time they recognized how awesome we are.
I guess. I just didn't realize that we were paying to go here.
Wait we're paying to go here?
Well, I mean, why else give us a scholarship?
To recognize our awesomeness of course!
...yes, but there's no point in giving us a scholarship unless we were paying money.
Of course there is. To recognize our awesomeness!
What I don't get is why Winn got one too. Uh, no offense.
None... taken?
I mean, it's just we've fended off the Vile Tribe twice, and saved people a whole bunch of other times. All you've done is blow up the school. Which was cool, don't get me wrong, but not something you get scholarships for.
I... figured it was for my academic excellence?'ve got a looooot to learn about this place.

Well, he IS the principal. He's probably busy.
Yeah, I guess.
Huh? There's a letter on the desk!

"In the meantime, Professor Dadis needed to ask you something. You should see him and find out more. Steele."
Well, we've got nothing better to do! And it HAS been a while since we met with him. Let's head over to his place!

Before that, however, we've got a new party member! Let's see what he's about.

Winn seems to have picked up Ant's old spells, but unlike Ant he's actually got the MP to use them. Well... barely. 73 MP isn't a lot, and Winn's spells are all MP hogs. Ice Lance and Rain Breath are "only" 12 MP and 14 MP respectively. Blue D and White D are a staggering 23 MP and 25 MP. (I assume Blue D and White D stands for Blue Dragon and White Dragon. LunarNET calls them "Bulldy" and "Whidy" which makes even less sense.) They're very powerful group spells, some of the most powerful in the game, but he can't cast them much. Add to the fact that he's quite fragile right now, we're gonna be babysitting him for most of the chapter. Thankfully he'll also gain levels very quickly, alleviating the problem. Which is good, because he's our final party member.

Wait, what am I saying? That's no big deal.

For the most part, most everyone is praising the girls (and Winn) but there are a couple of jerks.

Since you've got scholarships, we can just leave eeeeverything to you, now!
Why- why do I not like the sound of that?
Ah don't worry about it.
Yeah, we've just kind of accepted that everyone is lazy and useless and makes us solve their problems for them.
O- oh.

But since YOU were able to manage it they seem to be catering to the lowest common denominator...
Okay, so next time you save everyone from the Vile Tribe.
Yeah, that's what I thought.

I'm sure some of my students would get scholarships if they didn't spend so much time singing!
Wow rude.

Huh, one of the few students not talking about the scholarship. HM.

Oh, there's a new robe available! As you can probably guess, this is the highest tier. I've only got enough for two of these robes, so Ellie and Lena both get one.

But thankfully, you don't actually lose the old robe if you swap it out. Winn gets one of the left over Trio Robes, and the other one gets sold.

Time for new spells! This one is an even more powerful party heal spell.

I found this book not too long ago, and it's got this AMAZING spell inside... Want to see for yourself?
Is it better than the last one you gave me?
Well, one of these spells here can decimate a group of enemies in a single blink.

Oh no.

Is this your idea of a joke? Imma kill you! Imma-

Huh? Well, it goes like this. Then you do this, then...
Oh, okay.
And then you just channel your chi here, right?
Reverse the polarity.
And thread the needle! See!
Oh. Uh, well, you see, after you-
I didn't catch a word of any of that.
Okay, I guess I'll just start from the beginning. First you center your chakras-

We'll, uh, try again later.

Actually, none of the spells Winn learns here (and he's the only one who learns anything from this exchange) are particularly worthwhile. You'd think with a name like "Althena" that it'd be a very potent healing spell. It's actually an insta-kill spell. Like Ha! you don't get experience for it, so why bother? PsyLift you'd probably recognize as Psychotron, the warp spell Mia had in the original Lunar 1. It warps you out of dungeons just like in that game. I've still got Wind Spirits that I've never used, but hey if I need to warp out I got options. Also, Winn also gets Win D. Completely useless.

What can I get you for dinner?
Uh, how about tacos?
As long as you never use those cheap taco shells again.
Ellie! Jeez, learn some manners!
Don't worry, I won't. I... I remember last time.

I like you, NPC girl.

Where are you off to today?
What's with the new 'tude? You've always treated us like garbage.
Whatever gave you that idea? You tease me, Lena! You always speak your mind, but that's what makes you... well, you!
...What's gotten into her?
I don't really know what you think you're getting by toadying up to us now.
Come now. Perhaps I was a bit harsh to you in the past, but I always knew you three girls had potential.
Oh hello, uh... you.
I'm surprised you don't recognize Winn. Remember, he blew up the town!
Oh. Well. Nice to meet you.
Why does Lena always have to keep bringing that up?!

Does no one in this school know what a scholarship is?

Anyway, enough farting around. Let's go talk to Dadis and get this rolling.

How's your research been treating you?
Wha!! Who are you!? What are you doing in my lab!?
Oh yeah... He's got that memory thing. Or doesn't have. Whichever.
Ooh, I remember? You three are... Ellie, Lena, and Senia! Right!

This is Winn! He's new, actually!
Whuzzat? You sure? I would have swore that was the one that blew up my house.
No no no, Senia blew up your house the first time. Winn blew up your house the second time.

Huh. We've got good architects in this place.
Hm, wait, so then is Richter doing something?

I think... yes! That's right! I'm running out of tan. It's a mineral component used in makeup. The only place I know of to get some is in the cave by the bay.
Wait, the same cave we fought Ant in and rescued Azu from?
I dunno what you're talking about but there's only one cave by the bay.
Are- are you sure? Maybe there's two caves? One we haven't explored two-
Three times already.
Yes I am sure there is only one cave.
Are you sure there isn't some tan in a more interesting place?
And besides...
That's practically next door! Why don't you go fetch some yourself?
Well, I hear that some monsters have moved in recently. So naturally, I'm sending some students. That should be exciting enough for you.
I guess we haven't really earned our scholarships yet, huh? Oh well! Leave it to us!
Do we? Do we really have to? I mean, what is our scholarship even? Like, what do we have to do for i-
Let's just go get the damn rock. It's not going to take us any time. Geez.

You poor, poor boy.

What? You'll actually go? Whoa. I've always wanted to have students like you...
Uh, we've like, BEEN your students?
Shut up.

So, uh, back to the sea-side cave for a third time. Yeah, they, uh, didn't really bother making too many dungeons for this game. I think you can tell this isn't a game with a lot of effort put into it in general.

But hey, at least there's some new-ish going on here.

Ellie! Fancy meeting you here!
Yeah it's something all right.
Sorry about that mess with the Vile Tribe... I'd still like another chance to--
No no no no no no no no no
Sorry, guys.
Thank you.
Lizardmen have been nesting deep in the cave.
Oh, Elenora. Could you move a little to the left?
I don't know why you're asking me that, but okay.

That's why we're all out here. I guess you could say that we're the exterminators...
Wait, someone other than us is gonna take care of a monster problem? Not likely.
People other than you and your two friends do actually do things, you know.

I can't help but to feel somewhat responsible for this.

Wh-wh-what should we do, Lena? We c-can't just leave her...!
Uh, duh? We mount a rescue operation! What else would you expect us to do!?
Oh. But-but what about Brown and the others here?
What about them?
Are- aren't they going to help?
What did we tell you earlier, Winn?
...everyone is lazy and useless and we need to solve their problems for them.
You learn fast. Good job.

I know. This is, what, the third time she's been kidnapped?
Fourth, actually. During her freshmen year, she got kidnapped by some moggles.
Wait, the pig-bunny things? How?!
It's a mystery to this day.

Would you three please rescue her in my stead?
At least you're admitting it.
Well, uh, you know, I couldn't keep up with you-
Yeah okay we're gonna go rescue your friend.
Say, Ellie, before you go, I was wondering if you'd like-

...I think she's warming up to me.

Anyway, it's time for that one cave again. And they refilled the treasure chests again. I'm beginning to feel like hunting down all the treasure chests in this game is pretty pointless.

Also, they changed up monsters again. Again, I kind of have difficulty distinguishing them due to the fact that monsters in this game rarely do anything unique.

Oh, I wasn't kidding when I said Winn is super powerful. He could end every single battle here single-handedly with this spell. Although if choose to do this, you'll have to sit and recharge after every 3rd fight or so.

I also wasn't kidding about him being fragile. That's about half his HP in damage. So healing up after every fight is a necessity. Fun.

But anyway, you've seen this cave already. Let's just get to the damn boss fight already.

We finally found you, you dastardly fiend! Let go of Elenora now, or suffer the consequences!
Hhrhhggg <I understand your anger, human. But this cave is the ancestral home of the lizardmen. We->
Lena, it can't understand us. Let's just kill it already.
Hrzzzhagrrrrr <No, wait, let me finish! You see, we've been under attack from both your kind and the Vile Tribe for some time. Please, we are desperate! We can->
Gotta ruin my awesome big damn hero speech, huh? Well, time to get-a killin'.

Gkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <Please I have a family!>

Well that was pointless.

Oh look we found the rock Dadis was looking for.
This is... charcoal.
It's... not tan. I mean, "tan" isn't a rock anyway, but I assumed he meant a rock that was tan colored. This is... definitely not tan colored. Why-
Winn, what have we told you?
E- everyone is lazy and useless?
Exactly. So unless Dadis wants to come here himself, which he won't, this will have to do.

Really, it's nothing. Just be more careful, alright? Maybe you'll be able to go a whole week without being kidnapped. Just avoid the forest on the way back.
I will... Bitch.

L-Lena... You were amazing! I was kind of useless, though...
Nonsense, Winn. You're a lot stronger than you give yourself credit fo-

Oh. Well.
I'm not carrying him out.


Oh. We're back at school.
Oh no. She saw me pass out. Oh man... She must think I'm such a wimp... There's no way I've got a snowball's chance in the Red Dragon Cave with her now.

O- oh. Well. Heh.
Oh crap. This is worse somehow. How do I respond to that?! What do I do? What would the great romantics of history do?
Wrap her in your arms and tell her she's safe now!
Slap her on the ass! Bitches love that!
Ditch her and go stand on your head!

Wow, you look white as a sheet.
Oh geez they're looking at me. Say something Winn, say something!

L-Lena... You, j-just said... Y-y-you... L-l-l... Liked me...
Huh? What?
N-no... Nevermind...
Spit it out, man! I absolutely hate it when people stumble over their words!
Argh... Why didn't I just say silent?!
Well, we got the tan for Professor Dadis. Let's head back.
Sh-she hates it...? No, I can't leave it at this! Think, think!
Um, L-Lena?
Y-y-you're, uh... safe now.
Isn't that my line?
... ... ... ...y-yeah....

Anyway, back to town.

Professor, we've got the tan you wanted.
Oh my, this stone looks to be quite a rare type, indeed!
Actually, it's really just ch-
Shut up Winn!

But what's "tan?"
Well, strictly speaking, it's the name of a color or a process to preserve animal hide. It's not the name of-

It's a rare mineral, found only in the cave by the bay! Professor, you asked us to get this for you!
Oh, that's right, I think! It's just like this black rock I'm using in my experiment!

...He had it the entire time, huh?
You must have gone through a lot of trouble to get this for me!

Just continuing to earn our scholarships, sir...
See, you're catching on!
How noble! I've always wanted apprentices like you!
...this is such a waste of our time!
We're not going to fetch any more of this stuff for you, you here!? Urgh, I hope the principal's back by now. Let's see if he's in his office.

"You should be careful. Steele."
Oh, come ON! Where is he!?
Wait, so he came back to write a letter to us, but didn't stick around to actually talk to us? He must have been here recently-
Eh, I guess he must be pretty busy...
Gonna let this go too?
I just don't wanna hear you bitch about it.

Should we head over to the dorm?
Of course. As scholarship students, it's our job to solve all these little problems!

He always gives good advice.
This... this is just a sheet of paper with the words "kill everyone" written in crayon.
So wise. least I hope that's crayon.
Heh heh well look at the time gotta go, bye!

Yup soooo busy gotta go.
Before you go, would you-

They're the ones with the scholarships, right? THEY should be the ones to go beat Zigan!
THEY have the scholarships! Nothing is out of their reach!
Oh what fresh hell is this.

By the way, ladies! Have you heard the magnificent tale of Ant and his friends?
What did he get beat up by this time?
He- Hey! I didn't-
Oh Ellie there you go with your... signature wit!

Oh, quit it with the false feminine charm. Us girls can see right through it! So what the heck is this "Zigan" thing, anyway?
It's a monster that appeared on the lake island east of here! Haven't you heard about it?
That monster roughed Ant up quite dreadfully!
You poor dears...
Heh, well, you know... I'm pretty strong, but Zigan's totally out of my league.
But I bet Ellie and her friends could take it down!
Why, it would be simple for them!
They DO have scholarships, after all!

Well, what are you waiting for?
Yeah! What are you waiting for!
Hold up. Why should we kill this thing? Did it actually do anything bad?
It hurt Ant!
...did it actually do anything bad?
Come now! We can't let such a dangerous monster roam free so close to the school!'ve seen that cave behind the dojo, right?
I... suppose you have a point. But, um...
Honestly, we just really want you to kill a thing. It's been kinda boring around here lately.
Kill the monster! Cut his throat! Kill the monster! Bash him in!
Kill the monster! Cut his throat! Kill the monster! Bash him in!
Um... yes, let's go with that.

Can't we get a moment's peace around here? Oh well! If we must, we must!
You sound so strong when you say that... Oh, Lena...
C'mon, let's hurry and beat that monster!

Next time: a monster! More Winn dithering about Lena! More bullshit! It's a non-stop rollercoaster ride up in this LP!