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Part 16: You Know What They Say About Assuming

Let's move on, yes?

Wait a sec, is this game going to follow up on a previous plot point? Well holy shit.

Oh goodie.
Oh come on Ellie. Henner put in a lot of work for this statue. Don't rag on it before you've seen it!
You saw what the "prototype" looked like, right?
I didn't?
You should have. But, Ellie, that's what it was. A prototype. Which means it doesn't look like that anymore. It's been a while, so Henner has undoubtedly improved it.
And if he hasn't... Well, Winn, you wanna see something hilarious?
...thanks Lena, you're a gem.

O- oh!

What do you think? Isn't it beautiful?
It's wonderful! I can't believe I helped you make that!

W- whoa! Let's not carried away here.

Well, color me impressed! I'd never have guessed that Henner was this talented! But isn't comparing her to the Goddess just a little over the top?
Not at all! Ellie is just as beautiful! It's as if I'm looking at the actual Goddess herself!
Why do I suddenly feel very uncomfortable?

"Henner says that this looks exactly like the Goddess!"
"I dunno, it looks more like Ellie to me..."
"Could she be the Goddess Althena?"

So as you might have gathered, Althena is the goddess of the land of Lunar. You might be wondering, however, why people think Ellie is the goddess. Well, Althena actually reincarnates as a human every once in a while; this is a major plot point in both Lunar games. The remakes seem to disagree about how normal it is for Althena to reincarnate, but this game pre-dates any of the remakes, so we're running off of the Sega-CD Lunars.

If this statue is of Althena and it's modeled after Ellie... We should report this to Memphis!
It seems a bit spurious to assume that the goddess has been reborn from a statue.
Shut the fuck up Gary.

And one screen flash later.

I just can't get over this! This statue is awesome!
I know! Looks just like you, too!
I've never seen anything quite this impressive! I wish I had been there for the Shell field trip.
You really don't.
But you know, it's kinda weird how everyone's suddenly I'm the Goddess. I mean, the statue's pretty and all, but you know, it's just a statue. I mean, for one, I'm nowhere near that pretty. I- mean, am I? Am I pretty?
You're a beautiful tropical fish and don't you ever forget it.
Uh, okay. Thank you.
Still, what if people really start thinking I'm Althena?
Seems pretty unlikely, especially since she's not supposed to reincarnate for a few hundred years. Also, Althena is supposed to have the most lovely singing voice in existence. And, uh... well, your singing isn't... bad exactly, it-
I can't sing for beans. I know. You don't have to sugarcoat it.
But you have a good point. I guess it's silly to worry about it. Let's just head back.

Oh don't tell me.

I never would have thought!



What's that screaming? Is that... me?

... ...I think I'm okay now.
So... you're Althena. That's great!


Why did you not reveal yourself?

Great, we JUST got her to stop screaming. Thanks for that.
What did I do?
My ears are ringing... is that just me?
Are you done yet?

Muh- Muh- Muh-
Stop that. Look, if you've finally-
I knew I was surrounded by idiots but this is ridiculous. Does no one understand that you can pretend to be a thing without being that thing? Or what simile is? How can my life be getting dumber?!
Ellie. I'm not disagreeing with you about this. But I think there's something very important here that you're not realizing.
This is hilarious.

You know, you're right. This is pretty funny.

My prayers will be with you!
I could get used to this.

I mean, you don't seem really... Goddess-y is all. Uh, no offense.
No problem. I forgive you.
Tha- thank you!
Go in peace, my son.

but I'm kind of skeptical. sure about that? I'm right here, and if you're wrong...
Well, I mean...

I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry!
Ellie, you think this might be going to your head a bit?
Oh thank goodness she said it first.
Lena, I never get to go mad with power. Can't I go mad with power just once?

Oh that's okay. But Kule didn't believe either. And now he's a sobbing mess.
Seriously, Ellie, you might be going a bit overboard.
Lena, if this happened to you, you'd have the entire dorm singing to hymns to you within an hour.
I... I can't argue with that.

What do you mean by that?
I'm just saying, shouldn't a Goddess be around more... appropriate company?
I'm about to make jaw more appropriate!
That doesn't-
I'm gonna break your face.
Now now, Lena, don't take out your anger about being sho-
If you finish that sentence I will break YOUR face.
M- m- m- maybe we should.... leave?
...good idea. Let's get out of here.

According to this book, I found, the Goddess tends to appear as a human once every 500 years. But it also mentioned that she incarnated 200 years ago... Logically then, it seems unlikely that you really are the Goddess.

This is actually a surprisingly important piece of dialogue here. First of all, considering the events of Lunar 1, this directly dates Walking School as taking place 300 years before Lunar 1. (And no, it cannot be after Lunar 1, if you played Lunar 2 then you'd know why.)

Then I guess she's way out of my league...
Yup. Sorry. Not sorry.
But, uh, you know, if you ever felt like, I dunno, taking a chance-
I'll pass.
I just mean, perhaps an immortal sometimes want to seek more... relatable company?
Nope, I'm good.
But, I imagine you must be lonel-
Hey Elenora what's up?

Talk about making my senior year memorable!
Being kidnapped three times in one year isn't memorable?
...something I would WANT to remember.

why are you wasting your time here?

You've- you've met the Goddess before?! How is that possible?
It's not. He's crazy.
I can't help but feel as though you don't believe me.
It's possible.
Alright listen here you little shit. I met her around the time of Dragonmaster Jian, you hear? I know way more than yo-
With all due respect sir, there is no Dragonmaster Jian. I mean, history isn't my best subject, but I know the names of the Dragonmasters.
Can't even keep your lies straight huh?
I'm telling ya, I knew Dragonmas-
Come on, this is getting sad. Let's just go.

Should I call you Althena from now on?
Wait, YOU believe I'm Althena?
Why wouldn't I?
Althena is supposed to have a beautiful voice, right? I thought you might have implied my singing voice wasn't very good.
It just needs... practice, that's all.
Oh, okay. *ahem* ~When I was alone-
That wasn't an invitation.

At this point, there's not a lot of new spells left to learn. Life brings a character back at full health, and Fire Bomb is one of Ellie's best group attack spells.

The thing is, I didn't get these two spells the first time I played this chapter. Yes, I played this chapter twice. Why?

Well, to continue on, all you have to do is go into the town square (you don't have to talk to anyone) and leave it.

But if this rumor spreads as fast as I think it will, it could get totally out of hand.
Or at least Ellie's ego will. Has.
I had a bit of fun. I never get to.
With all due respect, this kind of seems like the part of the story where your mischief comes to bite you in the... the hiney.
First of all, you can say "butt." Secondly, I doubt it. This isn't the sort of story with actual morals and a point and stuff.
Damn it Ellie! What have I said about the fourth wall?!
Look, for once, could this just not turn into a thing?
Well now that you've said it, it's probably going to.
... ... ...Damn it.

It seems that Althena has incarnated in Iyen, my lord!
What? How did you hear of this!?
She seems to have modeled for a statue that was just delivered.
You don't say... With Althena's power amplifying D's, we'd be able to move the Castle quite easily...


Oh by the way the castle is sentient. And a... face.

From LunarNET

He looks a little different in the remake.

If we succeed in this, D, will you help me take control of Winn?
I cannot agree to that.
What? Why not!? We are your masters! You are bound to obey us!
I care little for your petty desires. Lord Memphis is my master. You are but baggage. Also, I find your obsession with mind controlling a boy rather unpleasant.
Baggage!? The nerve...! This is unforgivable!
Silence, Barua! Our priority must be to capture the girl who modeled for the statue.
...Alright. Leave it to me.
You? Is this not a task more suited to servants?
This is the Goddess Althena, remember? Or... is there some other reason you want me to stay home?
Are you hitting on me, Barua? Aren't I a bit too old for you?
Go to hell.
Master please instruct Barua to leave I do not enjoy her presence.

Just you wait, D! I will place the power of Althena in your hands! Then you will have to acknowledge me as your master!
If you can truly ensnare a Goddess, I will do as you say.
I'll hold you to that!
However, while I do not breathe, if I did, I would not hold said breath waiting for your success. fuck you guys.

Master, why you continue to employ that woman? She is... I believe what your kind would call "a tool."
Mostly because she doesn't wear a bra.
I do not understand.
I'll explain it to you when you get older.
...can I go now?

And then, D will belong to me... Heh heh heh...

What a bother!
What if it's true, though?
I can't believe you of all people are starting to believe this stupid rumor.
I- it does seem unlikely, but what if-

Who's there!?


How perfect! I can kill two birds with one stone!
Wait, what!?
Sorry, my dear, but I don't need you. Just the girl! And Winn, of course! Really, I should just kill you, blonde girl. Or leave you behind.

Eh, too much work.

My! Well done Barua! ...Hm? Who are these other two?
I have business of my own with the boy. The other girl is just a little bonus.
You were just too lazy to kill the little one weren't you?

What do you mean, "little!?"
My, you do have spirit! But I'm afraid I simply do not need you.
Remember, Winn is mine!
As you like. So long as it'll shut you up about it.

N-no! W-why should I!?
Don't worry, boy. She has candy in the back of her van.

Wow! That was pretty cool, Winn! What was that awesome display of power?
That was just Solar Fla- I mean I don't know it just happened. But that's not important!
Now's our chance! Let's get out of here!

Keep tellin' 'em maybe they should lock up prisoners before they interrogate them.
No one cares what you think, Gary.

D! Handle it!
As you wish, Lord Memphis.

After all of that, we finally assume control again. In case you're wondering, everything after leaving the town square happens back to back, which can easily take you off guard. It did for me, which is why I played this chapter twice. If this was any other game, this might fuck you over. In this game, the only way you could get truly fucked over is if you really, really needed new spells.

There are new monsters from when we were here last. So, hey, they bothered.

Surprisingly, this isn't a very complicated dungeon at all. While we are in a new part of the Vile Castle, we only have to go through two and a half floors, none of which are that hard to navigate. There's also not a lot of treasure, only two pieces or so.

Suddenly, half-way through the final floor...

We've finally escaped!

You can't run from me, Winn!

Geez, you're persistent!
I WILL have Althena's power! D! Obey my command!
As you wish...

For whatever reason being paralyzed by a castle makes it look like you have cartoon stink lines. Just roll with it.

Hwahahahahaha! Good work, D!
Ha- ha.... D!

Wh-what's wrong, D? Why did you stop? I order you to restrain her!

Oh my god Gary this is why no one likes you.

I see. Then my time has been wasted! Let us... dispose of her.
Memphis, wait! Let me have Winn!
Fine. I'll leave this situation in your hands.
It would be my pleasure! Come to me, Winn, you adorable little thing!
Uh, hello! He's like waaaay too young for you? C'mon! Let's fix her up!

Thanks to this thread, I can't see this sprite as anything other than Barua sitting on a pile of poop. Anyway, this fight can be a bit of a toughie because the game doesn't telegraph that a fight is coming, so it's pretty unlikely that you've regened your MP. I didn't, first time around. I actually had to use two Starlights to keep going.

She can also do some nasty damage.

But Ellie is still fire magic champ.

Barua, I am displeased. You should have been able to handle a group of kids! Stand back. I shall kill them myself!
Oh yeah?! Bring it on!
Normally I'd encourage this, but I don't think we can take him.
Why not?!
Plot invulnerability.
And you complain about me breaking the four- ah crap you're right.

Blast! It's Glen! How did you get in here!?
What, are you kidding? It was easy!
What?! How?!
Aw crap we were supposed to patch up that hole in the side of the castle.

Professor Glen!
C'mon, kids! Follow me!
Even the principal came for us! W-we're saved!
Right. Time to beat a tactical retreat!

Oh thank you sole responsible adult!
Of course-
I was talking to Professor Glen.

How could you let Winn get away!?
What part of "I do not care about your gross obsession" do you not understand?
Fuck you Imma kill this old man.

But then Glen stink-lines Barua!

Not on your life!

Pot meet kettle.

Hmph! Fine then. Not like it matters.
Hah! I never thought I'd see the day!
Memphis.... How could you!?
It would not be worth the effort. It's as simple as that.
There's still hope for you, I think! Farewell for now!

Once Glen pimps out, the stink lines from Barua disappear.

How could you let them escape!?
Calm down! An enemy with his back turned is an easy target.
But, Winn...!
D! Prepare to attack! Target all of them!
As you wish.

Glen leaves behind a little sparkle for our hosts. How nice.

Some un-giffable screen shaking later-

Hah! I figured that you'd try something! And now, if you'll excuse me...
You cheeky little... Glen!! I WILL get you back for this!

Been a while since we've had a chapter this short! As for the remake, since Shell isn't in the remake, this chapter isn't there either. No one ever thinks Ellie is Althena. Actually, this is around where they put in the chapter with Richter and the butterflies. Kind of a weird choice, but what'll ya do?

While there is no chapter where people think Ellie is Althena, there is a plot twist involving her. You see, you remember how in the remake Ellie can fly? Well, that's because, in Magic School, Ellie is actually part Vile Tribe! Yup, she's part demon!

Once again, taken from Lunar-net.

She also gets a costume change towards the end! She doesn't in the original, though. But, hey, alternate costume. That's kinda neat.