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Part 19: Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

We graduate tomorrow... Let's go say hello to everyone one last time!

Too bad, so sad...
Erm, maybe not EVERYone.

We sure won't! Uh...
We've lived down the hall from you guys for like 3 years.
Wow. Really.
To be entirely fair, I don't know your name either.
Come to think of it, I really don't know anyone's name, apart from the teachers and only a few others students.
That's ridiculous. We know tons of people! There's Layla and Ant and, uh... his two cronies...
Kule and Rick.
Them. Also Elenora and Brown and Layla-
You mentioned her.
I did?
Wow, those are all the students we can name?
Yeah, and ya know, none of them are our friends. You, Senia, and Winn were really my only friends here.
...I'm kinda glad we're leaving.

I'd like to interrupt for a second to remind you that this guy is still in the game, and still does not do shit. And if you remember who this character is without skimming back through previous updates, I'm genuinely impressed.

Congratulations! You know, we're graduating along with you!

We had to take like a million advanced courses, but it was totally worth it!
Wait, you're in advanced courses?! Ant's in advanced courses?!
Yeah. You didn't know?
Ho- how?! He's a doofus!
Really? Have you seen him in class? ...come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen you in class.
So, uh, see you at graduation.

Oh, uh, hey Winn. What are you doing here?
I... kinda live here.
I get that. Why are you in Ant's room?
Like I said, I live here. I room with him.
What? Since when?
For... a while.
We've never seen you here.
Because you don't ever meet me here. I was hoping to study here with you guys, but you just kept laughing me off-
Ha ha. Ah. Studying.
But seriously.

O-okay? Where to?
Hey! Didn't you say you'd follow me to the ends of the earth?
He did?
I did?
Yeap, totally.

I... guess I did. Even though I don't remember that happening.
Must have happened in an alternate timeline.
So pipe down and follow me!
Um. Where are we goi-
No questions! Only following!
Lena, if you suddenly start pressuring us to drink some Kool-Aid, I'm outta here and I'm taking Winn with me.

By the way, you don't have to meet Winn here. If you try to leave, he'll meet you at the door. The dialogue is actually a little different, but not hugely so.

Looks like Iyen will have to get along without us! I-it's kind of a pity, don't you think? I- I mean...
If this is going to be an awkward love confession I am. Out. Of. Here.
What?! Ew, no! Not everyone's life revolves around you, ya know. Geez.
I dunno, Ellie, I think Brown might have some competition.
I hate you.
Uh, speaking of, has anyone seen Brown or Elenora lately?

So, uh, I noticed something going through this... I have no idea where Brown and Elenora went. They seem to be gone. Now, Elenora does mention this being her senior year, and another NPC mentions that they're going to miss her... but that's it. I cannot find any mention that they left, or when. They just kind of disappear after chapter 10. I suppose they graduated, but it's weird that they leave with absolutely no fanfare. Seriously, if they're around and or there's any mention of them other than one line in Chapter 11, please tell me. Or how I can get the text dump of the translation and try to comb through it.

Oh, and I discovered that I missed a spell last chapter. You get it from Steele, and you have to go see the Blue Dragon fall, leave the building, and then re-enter and talk to Steele. It's Lena's best offensive spell. Sorry Lena.

Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Oh, come on, Stella! You know I don't feel that way about Winn!
Hahah! You're cute when you're embarrassed!
You like teasing me way too much, Stella.
I'm gonna miss you Stella. I'm probably gonna miss you most of all.
Aw, come on now.
No really! Your food and presence and food always lit up my day!
Also, you're an adult that always acted, what's the word... appropriately towards us. I respect that.
Oh. Um. Thank you?
And, uh... I think this is the first time I've ever spoken to you, but... you've... always seemed nice.
And now you've made it weird.

I'm not presenting these two lines out of order, by the way, or stitching two different messages together. This NPC says these two rather contradictory things back to back. The grand tradition of Lunar thought disorders continues.

Wow. It just hit me that this is probably our last day here. Like it all just... hit me at one.
I know... We've made so many memories here.
I think there's an old friend we need to see.

Oh. Hello there again. Are you three here to make fun of me again?
Yeah, I know, we were kinda jerks to you.
Well, at least you admit it.
We're graduating tomorrow, so we wanted to say hi one last time.
Oh, you're graduating?

It was such a long time ago... It was such a lovely day. Well, until the Vile Tribe attacked. Thankfully, the Blue Dragon was there, with his legion of bees and- oh, I'm rambling. I can't imagine you kids wanna hear that story., we'd love to hear this story.
Oh! Well, then, anyway, that's when things got serious. Now the thing you have to understand about Dragon bees is-

Wow, now THAT was a story.
I'll say. He should think of writing a book or something.
It was, uh, interesting.
What do you wanna do now?
I 'unno.
Wanna go blow up some rocks?
Sure, why not.
Uh, wait, what? We're done? We're not going to visit anyone else?
...who else would there be?
The... teachers?
The people who taught us all the spells we use?
Yeah, I guess you have a point.

Oh, she's out.
Good, I didn't want to see her anyway.
Are you still mad at her?
Of course! She compared my voice to a dying gerbil! Who does that! Also, worst spells.
Oh. Uh, then you're probably not going to like where I wanted to go next.

Huh. He never leaves the library. Wonder where Ralph went.
Who cares! Let's go see the gym teacher who gave you all those neat fireball spells!
Iason? I thought you hated him, since he's a sexist jerk and all.
I can never hate anyone who would teach my friend how to blow stuff up better.

Okay this is getting a bit weird. Where are all our professors?

He seemed pretty confused.
Something musta happened, Ellie! Let's go and see the principal!

How time flies!
Yeah... I bet Iyen will seem pretty lonely without me here.
Hey, what about me?
I'll certanly [sic] be lonely!
Uh, anyway, I think we need to find the principal.

Sorry, find me later!
But I already found you.
Yes, I know, but-
You're right here.
I understand, but right now-
Right in front of me.
Please leave.

So, are we-
Do you even have to ask?

Let's have ourselves a listen!
Yeah! Me too!

It's only a matter of time before it gets here...
I don't believe it!
We shouldn't involve the students in this matter.
Why not? Those three girls are getting somewhat good at fighting the Vile Tribe.
True, they have proven themselves to be true MEN.
This is on a whole other level, one they've never seen. They're not ready yet.
I thought the only reason you haven't kicked them out is because they'll fight them for you.
Yes but we're not supposed to admit that.

I was thinking that we'd attack the Demon Castle directly, but...

They'll pay for what they did to Professor Glen!!

Ralph, I think this is a bit beyond you. I'm a MAN! I'll go! Professor Dadis, whip me up some war paint!!
Er, alright? But you know that takes me a while, right? You don't need to start stripping now-
Shut. Up.
Iason, that is not- Oh, wow.

Remember! Do not let the students know about this.

They seemed really serious, too. Maybe this time we SHOULD actually let them-
Hey, Lena! We could go do it for 'em!
What's this? Winn, itching for a fight? Finally started to grow a pair, have you?
I'll get revenge for Professor Glen, and secure peace for the island in one fell swoop!

I think you might be moving just a little bit fast.
Why don't you just... ask her to go see the sunset with you or something?
I'm... kind of a traditionalist. I just don't think you should hold hands with a girl you're not married to.
Oh. Uh. Okay.
Look, Winn, let's... talk about this later.

We'll have to get get [sic] to the Vile Tribe before the teachers do!

What are YOU doing there? This is really not the time.

Yeah. You're here.

NO! Listen...
A huge castle has appeared west of town!

Oh yeah, they're still around.

Right, then.
...Mistress Barua.
No whining! Memphis's soul has made this place impregnable. You're the Demon Castle itself! This makes YOU stronger, so quit complaining!

Seriously, dude?
I swear one of these days Gary I'm going to-

Hm? What was that? And who the heck is Gary-

We've got to defend the town!

The monsters will need to be saved from the VILLAGERS! Like anyone here is scared of these chumps-

...I don't know why you do this to yourself.
Me neither.

All right, let's go save everyone.

The Demon Castle may have sacked Shell Island, but my Ellie statue WILL rip you lot to pieces! Take 'em down, Ellie!

Me neither.
Oh thank the Goddess I'm not the only one who's seeing this. I haven't gone completely nutso.
I wouldn't rule that out, but yeah I see it too.

Wait, is that Ant and his chump friends over there?

Oh, the memories...

Rgh, I'm not done yet! I won't let Lena and her friends show me up!
We've got your back, Ant!

Maybe I really am a weakling...
O-of course you're not, Ant!
Dude, you're better than EVERYone!
Rick... Kule... You guys are the best. I'm glad I've got friends like you!
I, uh, guess they have that handled. That's... I'm not used to that.
You do know that a lot of the other students are also very adept magicians, right?
I forget that sometimes. Still...
We should check around to see if everyone's doing okay? Yeah, you're right.

Oh, you three!
Yeah, yeah, don't worry. We're here to save you.

Have at you, Vile Tribe scum!
Oh, what are you going to do? Hairspray them to de-

Oh. Wow.

We'll, uh... leave you to that.

By the way, the shops are totally still open. I understand why, this is basically your last chance to buy stuff, but it's...

Don't you know the Vile Tribe is out there!?

Yeah, that.

Most of the NPCs don't have much to say other than "we gotta fight the Vile Tribe" but occasionally you have to have that jackass without priorities.

Sorry, but we've got to ask for your help one final time. I was hoping we wouldn't have to involve you...
Not. A. Word. Ellie.
I've not heard any reports of causalities at the moment, but I'm not sure how long we can hold out. This is honestly too much to ask of you, but we need you three to infiltrate the Demon Castle. We need to end this.
That sounds pretty good to me.

Oh you're cute. Ellie, Winn?
Yes, yes, rip their faces off, I know.
Wait, whu-

Leave this one to me! I'll show you what a MAN can do!

Sometimes, this game has it's moments.

The teachers can handle things here! We've got to stop the Castle!

Wh-what's the Demon Castle doing here!? knew it was here.
Ye- yes! I'm just- just-

What, are you scared!? You've got to get revenge for Professor Glen, right?
Professor Glen may be gone, but we can still defend Iyen!
That didn't sound very confident!
Yeah! We- we can do this!
C'mon! You can do better! This is Professor Glen's killers we're talking about here! Get mad! We're gonna kick their butts and rip off their heads!
Ye- yeah! Let's punch 'em! And... kick 'em. Really hard.
...we'll work it.

All right folks, next time... it's final dungeon. The final confrontation. It's gonna be... exciting? Sure, let's go with that.