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Part 20: Another One Bites the Dust

Well, guys... This is it. I am sick and tired of these Vile Tribe losers.
Here here. Let's stop this once and for all.
Do you really think this will do it? I mean, the Vile Tribe shouldn't even be able to leave the Frontier. Even if we stop Barua and the Castle, what's to stop other members of the Vile Tribe from getting their re-
We're. Stopping. The Vile Tribe.
Everything. Is. Going. To. Be. FINE.

This is new.
I just had a terrifying thought, but... once Memphis died, then that means that she's in charge.
That would explain the tacky remodel.
Hey, Winn, look on the bright side. If we run into Barua, this means you finally have an opportunity to kick her face in.
Yeah, you're right. I feel better already.

So this dungeon... it kind of confuses me. There's a door here. For... reasons. I guess. It doesn't even prompt a message.

Oh, and the battle background is... unique at least, but kind of eye-searing.

Also, as is appropriate for the final dungeon, enemies really love spells that hit your whole party. They hurt. I guess this is the closest thing to tough random encounters this game has, but... enemies don't do status ailments to you in this game. They never one hit kill you. You have regenerating MP. Enemies will never be anything but a speedbump.

Oh, hey, know what we haven't seen in a while?

Teleporters! But like the butterfly maze, there's not really a teleporter maze exactly. No, the gimmick is actually-


Can we... pass?

Hah! Hardly! We just have to bust this thing up a bit!

Okay, now we're fighting... uh...

Don't fucking ask me; I don't know.

PsyStorm is the only thing it casts. It does a fair chunk of damage to Winn, requiring Lena to be healing most of the battle, but it still only took four or so rounds.


Did you hear something?
Nah, s'just your imagination.

And yes, there is more than one of these... things.

This one doesn't even have any dialogue proceeding the fight. You know, I do like the artwork for these... things. I just wish I knew what they were.

Pix Bay. Pix Bay. I googled this to see if this was some sort of actual thing, and I just "Pixabay" a public domain photo sharing site.

Despite looking different and casting a different spell, it's not appreciably different from the previous fight. It drops Charcoal. At this point I have idea why you'd bother with attack items, but thanks.

What was that, Lena?
Huh? I didn't say something...

Hm... could they foreshadowing something? Not really.

But, yeah, I think you might have started to see the pattern of this dungeon. Find mini-boss. Fight mini-boss. Then go onto find next mini-boss, or teleporter. It's honestly a way easier dungeon than the last once, since it's pretty linear really.

Oh, and next up on the mini-boss circuit is...

China Rake. So did the fan translation fuck the names up, or were they just weird to begin with? Lunar-net calls these monsters... Bloom Lake, Pix Bay, and China Lake. Huh. So I guess they just have weird names.

Also, this appears to be a woman, a fish lady I suppose. The second one looks like a ram, and the first is a weird looking dude or a tree. I can't tell.

I know I heard something!
Now that you mention it...

And finally, our last mini-boss (someone didn't hear about the rule of threes)-

Montaq! (Lunar-net calls it Montok) If you squint a bit, you might notice it looks a little bit like Memphis. And if you call, Barua mentioned that Memphis's soul was in the castle itself. So this is probably him, not that the game explicitly states this. And no, I have no idea what the other monsters are, and how they relate to Memphis.

In the remake, he does still merge with the castle, and in fact you talk to him. Memphis has more of a backstory with Glen in the remake, being a former student who turned to the dark side and all that. You do fight him in the remake, and it's explicitly him. He's called "Gate Memphis." Why not?

Anyway, Memphis-as-part-of-the-Castle is not an especially noteworthy boss in the original, just slightly harder hitting. After beating hi-


You're right, Winn! I did hear it! Sounded like a voice begging for mercy.
Ha! Loser.


You know, I have no idea why I'm going after any of this treasure anymore. It's just consumables, or in this case, items to craft better consumables. That's all it ever is in this fucking game. And I so rarely ever need it! I'm constantly, constantly throwing shit out yet I keep insisting on getting more and I don't know why

Because treasure is awesome, that's why.

But you know what, I'm sick of brown caves.

So let's switch to something you've also seen a billion times in this game.

They did block off most of the first floor, though. The Vile Tribe Castle seems like a weird bit of game design to me. I'm almost positive that all of the Vile Castle maps you see in the game are connected to one another, because the game always seems to block off part of the map whenever you're here. I would presume it would be to prevent you from getting too lost, and maybe also to obscure the blatant recycle. Which is weird, since they don't bother doing this for any of the other blatant recycles of the game. I dunno, maybe I'm way off.

However, just because they blocked off part of the castle doesn't mean you can't get lost here. This part of the final dungeon gets a little maze-y.

The trickiest part is those stairs you see. You can't walk to 'em.

You have to take this teleporter to get to the stairs. Not exactly the biggest brain-teaser in JRPG history, but advanced shit for this game.

Oh, and it's also filled with crap treasure I kept insisting on getting STOP THAT ME OF THE PAST.

Anyway, warp through, go up the stairs, and-

Hm. Looks a little bit familiar. I think this might be the end of the dungeon. Just a hunch. Definitely a good time to start charging up the MP.

Annoyingly, there are still random encounters despite this being obviously the final boss room.

Including enemies that are way too weak for this part of the game. I don't know.

In any case, let's get on with the show.

Barua! We're here to stop you from sowing your evil seeds of... um... evil. You... evil person...
dang it this sounded so much cooler in my head.
Let me try. Ahem.

You've managed to kill plenty of my servants, though.

Let me ask you something; do you feel like heroes yet?
Uh, yeah!
It seems a little egotistical, but... I have to agree.
Wait, they did cry for mercy, yes?
We beat 'em up good!
These children are sociopaths.
Actually, speaking of those weird things, what were they exactly? I mean, they all had unique sprites, so they had to be something kind of important, right?
Oh. I 'unno. They came with the castle.
Erm, anyway. Do you children really think with your impure hearts that-

I'm bored, and you need to die!

Your tongue hasn't gotten any duller, I see. It's a pity that you'll die today, is it not? I hope you've said your goodbyes...!

Hold it, Barua!
Oh, hello there, Winn! Why, you've come back to me quite on your own! I must say I'm flattered that you love me so.
Enough! I... I'm going to destroy you, Barua... You'll fall by my hand!
Heheh... It has been far too long, my pet. You've... grown so much. This displeases me, but only a little. But you still wish to fight with me, so... I shall grant you your wish!
Finally! Let's stop talking get on with-

Hey, I botched my cool moment. I wanna try again! Ahem.

Impudence! Those words will be your last! Die, humans!

Final boss time! Apparently Vile Tribe villainesses have to be snake women when they become bosses.

Snake Lady Barua is called... Barua Star. Sounds like a stripper name. Appropriate.

She mostly does Eradicate, which hits the whole party for some nasty damage. Lena's not doing much but healing in this fight. Barua's also a decently long fight, so if you didn't regen your MP beforehand, you'll need to use items to stay in the game. But I did prepare, so she fell before too long.

Huh. She gave experience and money. That's odd. That must mean there's a round two!


By humans, no less...? Even though... D... was under my control...
Even though you had the D, you still lost!
Good one!

...okay, this is a good time to die.

Professor Glen... You have been avenged. And Barua... rot in hell you fucking bitch.

Thank you for destroying Barua.
I am spirit of the Demon Castle D.
Wait, you're... D?

So, D-
Before you continue, I must inform you that through my previous master, Memphis, I have, in fact, heard every possible double entendre involving the letter 'D' and its slang usage to use mean human male genitalia.
Bu- but-
I wish to be brief, so please do not interrupt me. I have something to tell you.

Am I hearing this correctly? You didn't actually want to fight?
Now that my lord Memphis is gone... I have no reason to remain in your world. I merely wish to fade away into the abyss...
That's terrible... What should we do?
I might be able to do something for the Demon Castle.
Well, I AM a Guardian of Time!
I have no idea how that's going to help me, but...

Are you saying that and waving your hands at me in the vain hope that it in some way aids me?
... ... ...


Fade to white, and-

...No, wait... Ellie, Winn! Wake up!
Whuwuh...? Are we dead?
Don't be-
Huh, so this is the afterlife. The school. I guess I didn't go to heaven. Should have expected that.
We're not dead, stupid.

Mmh... hmm? Where... Oh! Lena, are you okay?
Nothing that won't heal! That was amazing, Winn! I knew you had it in you!
I... of course! And to think you doubted me!

Ha ha I played it cool I didn't mess it up I didn't mess it up!
Uh, Winn...

S-sorry! I'm just so happy!
Anyway, we should head back and pass along the good news!

And we shall... Next time!