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Part 21: The Day I Went Away

Alright, now that we're back in Iyen, somehow, and we've saved the day, it's time for even more ass-kissing.

That's the stuff.

I know you all were concerned about this. Well, don't worry. The flowers are safe.

Well done either way, I'm sure.

Th- thanks.

Lena, you may not be able to sing, but I do believe you've found your calling!
Kicking butt? Yeah, you might be right.
Not exactly. Remember, you're the healer, sweetie.
...why does everyone keep dragging me?

You must be MEN! Despite any appearances to the contrary. You three must be... secret men of some sort.
I AM a man but okay...
Or perhaps being a man is a state of mind?
...huh, I never thought of it that way. That's very deep.
It is?

instead of just swinging this sword around.
Right, not dealing with the deepest thinkers here.

How many of them?
5 million.
... uh, good job?

Let us say good-bye to the professors who ran useless shops and didn't teach any spells. We will... I can't say remember them. Not hate them? Good enough.

...well played.


I wonder why the robe shop doesn't have a professor attached to it. It's the most useful shop in the game, after all.

You know, I feel like I should go to each of the unique NPCs for some closure on this LP, but man so many of them are boring.

Speaking of.

How dare you.

you'll be invited to attend Vane, another magic school. I've also heard that someone got just such a letter...
Oh! I wonder who that could be!
You know full well it's us. We're the only ones graduating and we're the main characters. Come on.
Have you learned nothing from Glen? Try to play along just a little bit.
What are you- what?!
Every time I ask, they say something about a "fourth wall." That's the only answer I can get out of them.
Look, it's just... hard to explain, okay?
Hell, we can't even decide how much of the fourth wall we can break. I think it's just kind of unexplainable.
... ... ...okay.

Man, the more you learn about Ocelot, the weirder he gets.

You thoroughly routed the Vile Tribe? Consider me impressed! And the way you've managed to get all the Vile Tribe blood out of your clothes... how did you do it? I still haven't gotten all the viscera out of my favorite scarf.
I can't believe it's taken me this long to realize this, but you terrify me.

...well, maybe...

Oh, yeah totally. We're joking. The Vile Tribe is going to kill us all.
We just wanted to mess with you before we all died.
...I get it. Okay. I get it. You guys are better than us. Whoo hoo. You won. Is that what you wanted to hear?
Pretty much.
We won!
...we were in competition?

You've got scholarships, after all!

Hey, look, someone remembered

But Lena, are you really ready to graduate?
Whu- why are you asking me?
Lena, don't you have... someone you don't want to leave behind?
...oh, yeah?
Winn you've already said you wanted propose to me. Why are you still being shy about this?
It's- well, it's still weird to hear, ya know? It's-
Lena. I know Senia was a friend of yours, but I don't think her love life is an area of her life you should emulate-
It's not like that! I- I do want to continue my education.
O- oh.
Hey, I'm not exactly saying no! I'm saying that I need to think about it.
Yes. Yes! That is a good idea Lena. You should think about it. Give it a bit of time. You too, Winn! What is with these kids and their need to get married right out of diapers? Say, uh, I think Steel wanted to see you.

That's a relief. We're all about due for some peace and quiet!
Well, our job is done! Let's go back to our rooms.
Hang on, just a moment! We recently received some correspondence from Vane. It concerns you two, so I think you should have it.
What does it say?
Go ahead, read it...

Ellie and Lena are hereby invited to attend Vane's Guild of Magic. Please be aware that a ship will arrive for you on the day after your graduation from Iyen.

Entrants must still go through the Cave of Trials
What's the small text there on the bottom? Eh, probably nothing important.

That's amazing! Vane wants US!?
It's like a dream come true!
But with the ship coming so soon after graduation, we're gonna be busy!

Ellie! Lena!
On this day, you have officially graduated from Iyen Magic School. Please accept your diplomas.
Are graduations normally held in Terena's music hall?
It's the closest thing we have to an auditorium.

What the...
Uh, guys...

Oh. Uh, okay.
Wha- what WAS that?!
Don't ask me.
Uh, what are we doing here?
Pretty sure we're leaving.
Wow, already? Guess this our final goodbyes, then.

Do we have to say goodbye to everyone?
Yes, Lena, we do.

And... try not to make any hasty decisions. Lena.

I promised myself I wouldn't cry...
Now, now, Lena, this is a happy moment. Don't ruin it with tears.
But- but-
Your life has only just begun, missy. There's so much out there, so many more tasty meals to eat. Go and be great.
I- I will...

Who the hell are you?

Thanks to you, I now know that it's not the size of your muscles that count, but the size of your brain muscles.
I think this is the closest thing to a moral this story has.
Pretty much.

You know, something just occurred to me.
We really haven't seen Brown and Elenora for a long time. I mean, admittedly, it's not like I've missed Brown, but it's been so long since I've seen either one and I'm kind of worried. I figured, if nothing else, they'd show up for-
Who are you talking about?
Brown and Elenora! Remember? Brown had a thing for me and he wasn't very subtle about it. And Elenora kept getting kidnapped.
Are you sure you're not confusing her with Ant?
I don't think Ant ever got kidnapped. You really don't remember them? They were the student council.
We never had a student council.
What? How- yes we did! I'm not the only one who remembers, right? Tell me I'm not the only one who remembers!

Okay wrong person to ask.
Wait, are you talking about those two kids on the student council? I kind of wonder where they've-

Say, you... you don't happen to know what ever happened to Brown and Elenora?
I don't know what you're talking about...
I think you might be a confused. It's understandable, it's been an exciting day-
What happened to them, Steele.
Lena. Take her to the boat.
Oh... 'kay.

Without you two around, I'll be able to make a name for myself.
Ant really is sorry to see you two go.
I certainly won't forget you! I'm probably not going to forget someone that gave me all those second degree burns.
Only second degree? You've come so far, Ellie.
Uh, yeah.
Uh, is she okay?
I dunno, she just snapped all of a sudden. Keeps talking about a Brown and a Elenora.
You got me.
Have I gone crazy, Lena? Or has the world?
Six of one I guess.

And finally, last but not least:

Winn? What is it?

I guess telling you that I wanted to propose kind of ruins the surprise.
It's not about being a surprise, numbnuts.

Wait for me in Vane! I'll become a great Guardian of Time, and then I'll come and find you! Until then... Please...
Winn... Alright, I'll wait for you!
I dunno though... I might find me a better guy in Vane!!
You still can't take a joke, can you? Don't worry, I'll wait for you, Winn!

And Steele? I don't know what you did. But I'll find out.
And I'll tell them. I'll tell everyone.

Get on the boat, Ellie!

Seriously, Ellie, this is what's getting you riled up? Let it go! Besides, you didn't even really like them.
Well, yeah, but- this is freaky! How can two people just disappear and no one cares?! Who else has this happened to?
I don't think this is what you're upset about.
It's just- this sort of stuff keeps happening and we just keep letting it go. What sane person does that!
Look, I kind of agree, but-

It's the end of the game, Ellie. Just give up already.

For the credits, the game shows various locations throughout the game as a sort of flashback, but without any movement it's not very interesting.

Wait, two people worked on the scenario for this plotless game?

More than two, then. Actually, it must be noted that this is also the last Lunar game made by Studio Alex, the people who made the originals. The remakes are not Studio Alex, although plenty of the same people worked on both. Dragon Song certainly wasn't Studio Alex. So in a matter of speaking, this is the last "true" Lunar game.

Hey, it's Senia! Ya'll remember Senia, right? ...right?

Oh, yeah, it's the credits. I should probably be giving my final thoughts.

Well, uh, it's not a good game.

That being said, it's hard to muster up any bile since it's hard to muster any emotion about this game at all. It's astonishing how fast this game exits your thoughts. Thus the need to put in my own text all over the place.

To be honest, part of my apathy towards this game may due to Dragon Song. While I didn't finish Dragon Song until after finishing Walking School, I did play Dragon Song first. This game can't really help but look good in comparison. I wonder if I had played this first if I would have hated the shit out of Walking School.

But I don't hate everything about this game. I found some of the dialogue amusing. It looks okay for a 1995 mobile game (although admittedly I'm not that well versed in Game Gear games so I don't know what looks good for the system) and it has some interesting ideas, albeit they don't really work.

I wish I had something to add about the remake, but since I've not played more than an hour of it due to that whole "not knowing Japanese" problem. I don't think I can say it's better, since it has an atrociously high encounter rate. It does, at least, seem to have a bit more of a plot and definitely higher production values. Honestly, though? Working Designs probably made the right choice in not bringing that one over as well.

It's been a... bumpy road. Thank you guys for reading through this weird LP of a weird game that time forgot. I don't think I have anything more to say about this game, so-

Waaaait a second! Is there-


Aren't you going to see him?
Ha ha. Boys his age need a bit of privacy!
If you... insist.

Oh, I must be dreaming...

Are you really sure you don't want to stay?
It'll be fine! He'll try that much harder if he thinks I'm dead. I'm not quite so sure about you, though, sonny!
Are you still up for an adventure at your age...?
Hey, I'm only 300! I deserve a little vacation every now and again. Never put off 'til tomorrow, and all that!
But the school needs you...
How long have you been Principal? Ten years!? I'd HOPE you'd be able to keep this place in order while I'm gone!
With all due respect, I can barely keep this place together while you're here-
Well, I'm off! The world awaits!

...Oh man...

I'll be able to take a vacation too...