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by Tobias Grant

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Original Thread: Let's Create Mechanical Abominations! - Let's Play MS Saga: A New Dawn



So what's this game about?
MS Saga: A New Dawn is an JRPG that features a ton of Mobile Suits from the Gundam franchise, and not only lets you pilot them, it also let's you rip them apart and sew them back together into abominations that Frankenstein himself would be proud of. It features an absolute ton of customization options and encourages you to experiment with the toys available to you. The game's combat system is also incredibly fun, and features quite a few difficult fights that require strategy just to barely limp away from.

Wait, hasn't this game been done before?
It has indeed, and it can be read Here. I highly recommend it.

What are you going to do that wasn't done before?
While Oatmealraisen has done a fantastic job presenting the story and gameplay of the game, I always felt like he didn't do very much with the actual customization of the game, which is a shame since it's the best part of MS Saga. So for this LP, I'm largely going to be ignoring the story, and instead focus on the customization aspect of the game, so if you are at all interested in the story of the game, I would suggest reading Oatmealraisen's LP instead.

I'm also going to be cheating my ass off.

Wait, what? cheating?
Yes, I will be giving myself unlimited money as well as 99 Ecaps in both L and S size.

Because the game is alot more fun when you don't have to grind for cash. It also means I can be a little more... unorthodox in my customization, and alot more reckless during battle. I promise that I won't break the game too badly in the beginning. No promises for the end game, though.

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