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MS Saga: A New Dawn

by Tobias Grant

Part 41

In the room containing Wing Zero there are also a couple of chests inside. the total haul is two Wing Guards, a Machine Cannon, and...

Oh hell yes.

It's good to have Aeon back.

Meet the Wing Zero, the fastest suit in the entire game. While I could go back down to Earth and upgrade it, I really didn't want to walk around the Lunar map again, so I just gave it all of the upgrade kits I had and moved on.

It's also completely immune to all status effects, but I'm sure that because of one of it's optional parts.

Aeon needs guns. LOTS OF GUNS!

Anyway, back out into the room where you fought the Devil Gundam and enter the door to the north to reach an elevator. The third floor is blocked off by a locked door, so we have no choice but to go to the second floor.

These enemies are nothing but a speed bump at this point, and unfortunately my level isn't high enough to allow me to skip the random encounters with Invisible.

Another Two-Turn Takedown. Yawn.

Here's the current map.

Oh hey, and R-Jarja!


Welcome to the Third Floor.

Oh hey, it's a Musai!

A little further along, we run into this chick.

Sure you are.

...really? That's it?

I really hope the enemies start to step up their game, because this is getting boring.

Oh who am I kidding, this is already boring.

Another Musai ship.

You know what this dungeon needs? Some branching paths because all this place is is one giant linear path filled with enemies that do nothing but slow you down and/or attempt to kill you through sheer boredom.

Aeon managed to learn High Funnel, which is the second strongest Funnel attack in the game.

Eventually, we come across a way back down to the second floor.

Down the path next to this door is a Regeneration kit SP.

She sends four Dark Dressiens after us instead of three this time. Boring.

This ramp leads down to the first floor, but if we continue on we'll be able to grab a new weapon.

Another Psyco Gundam. This one was actually fun to fight since it didn't end after only two turns.

Oh Beam Field, how I missed you

Vargas ended up getting the kill.

Our reward is the Heavy Machine Cannon.

It's not much, really, but at least it's small.

Down on the first floor is this switch which will, I think, unlock the door that will take you back to the Devil Gundam room.

Said door is right to our south.

Bazuli eventually learns Explosion. I won't be using it as much as Shot Burst, though, because of it's 9 EN cost.

The door to our north leads to...

...another elevator.


Robot Roll Call


First Appearance: Mobile Suit Gundam (0079)

The Musai is the first combat spaceship designed to both carry and supply Mobile Suits. The Musai was to provide long-range support for Mobile Suits, and as such it has no point-defense weapons