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Part 6: Level One: A Maze Of A Different Sort

Level One: A Maze Of A Different Sort

It seems the blacksmith has more kindred spirits than I anticipated, which simply proves how well-educated we are. The answer he seeks comes from the above list, and after five or six people noting it the correct answer is clear: "Thou" is the familiar form, while "you" is the formal. At least to a medieval blacksmith in a pseudo-Arthurian sorta-Europe setting.

"Very good," the blacksmith says with satisfaction. "It is a pleasure to meet a wayfarer of learning and discernment." He moves aside and bows from the waist. "Thy path lies before thee. I beg thy pardon for the familiarity."

I think that means he likes us now! Too bad we'll never see him again, because we'll probably die horribly in the next PoP.

The next maze! I added some gridding (still need to tweak the colors); hopefully this helps get a better feel for the layout. We've got the usual optional and mandatory PoP, but y'know what? I'm feeling lucky this time. Why don't we just skip what is assuredly a completely unimportant location and go straight on to the next maze?

Agape, you wander through the grove, craning your neck to catch a glimpse of the crowns of these massive trees. You have never seen the like. A cool breeze blows through the forest dimness. There are few bird calls or animal motions; the forest floor is almost bare of vegetation. Aromatic needles carpet the ground.

See? Just trees. Nothing to worry about.

After some hours of walking, you have the uneasy feeling you are traveling in circles.


Well, uh... this should be easy enough. Water flows downhill, right? Just gotta walk alongside a stream and we'll get out of here one way or another.

You find a babbling brook and follow it downstream. Eventually, you realize that you have returned to the place where you first found the brook. This is, of course, impossible: streams do not flow in circles. Unless -- unless magic is at work.

Night falls. Darkness enfolds you. Somehow, suddenly, you are no longer in the grove.

Huhn. Well, we're in a new maze color, so I guess we got through just fine? Let's wander around until we find a Place of-


Yes, as some of the more perceptive among you may have noticed, blue walls and daytime sky was the very first maze, and getting lost in the Grove of Giants sends us all the way back there. In a way it's even more insulting than dying, as a person might actually save here and then have to go all the way back through the previous PoPs.

Fine then. I suppose we'll need to check out another PoP for a hint.

Ah! A friendly fellow, no doubt. We probably won't die to a guy armed with a big stick, right?

Guess not. This situation could get hairy. We've a few options to approach the forester here. Should we be deferential to his insistence that we back down, or firm? And in either case, should we be trusting or untrusting of this woodland rogue?