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Part 12: Level One: Gonzaga, Part 1

Level One: Gonzaga, Part 1

As was sussed out, our invisible friend is not a dragon, not a wyvern, and not a vegetarian. But he is red, and I guess that's enough info for him. Onward to the Maze Purpure, the final maze of level one!

...Blue walls? Some kinda purpure this place turned out to be. That red PoP is the Castle Perilous, and it isn't far from that other PoP that's in the way. Guess we'll have to get through to reach the castle. Wonder what's going on there?


Double uh-oh.

He studies you more closely. "It is the knight of gules and or," he says slowly. "Well met. Yet my orders pertain to you as well as all others."

"Then you will not let me pass?" you say.

"Not lest you defeat me in trial by arms. For most, I would say while breath stays in me; but as I know thee as a chivalrous knight, I shall offer thee my parole shouldst thou disarm me. But where art thy weapons and byrny?"

Welp. Gonzaga did say we'd probably meet again, and here he is. We've got options, but if we can't think of a better plan we might have a fight on our hands. Gonzaga may not kill us (he only intends to fight to the disarming or first wound), but we're significantly less well-equipped to fight him than we were at the tourney. If we do end up fighting him, is there any reasonable way that we can win?

There are multiple viable solutions for this one.