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Part 34: Level Two: Digestive Problems

Level Two: Digestive Problems

The first of these questions is initially confusing. Many of these things are our quest, are they not?

But Skanker is right: Our initial quest, and the ultimate reason we're doing any of this, is to deliver a message to Moraziel. It's easy to lose track of that, but that is in fact the correct answer here.

Our name doesn't matter; the game will accept anything we type here, and won't remember it later anyway.

The third question... does not actually have an answer. Or rather it does, but there's no way to know it ahead of time. The correct answer is to attempt to methodically brute force it, by selecting the first option on the list... which happens to be the correct one. Or at least the disembodied voice thinks so:

You stand there on the bridge, your horse's eyes rolling, waiting for more... But the voice, whatever its source, has stilled. Chateau d'Alfar must be the best wine in the world after all. Hesitantly, you continue your way across the bridge and reach the other side. You take a moment to calm your horse before remounting and riding onward.

That was certainly a thing, wasn't it? The next PoP, however, is arguably even more of a thing.

Yes, I see you there. Very clever.

You are riding through rolling hills. As far as you can tell, no danger lurks. With a start, you realize that one of the hills is looking at you. You study it more closely. That is no hill! It is... a dragon.

"Another human," it yawns, flames flickering about its nostrils.

Yeah, no, screw this, let's get outta here.

You wheel your mount and gallop for the hills. A shadow passes over you. The dragon flies ahead of you and lights, with amazing grace, on the ground before you. "Poltroon," booms the dragon with disgust. You realize you cannot hope to escape.

Okay. What happens if I win?

"Then I shan't eat you," the dragon says. It seems annoyed that you are stalling.

We're actually given the option to point out the unfairness of this, which is amusing:

"So," you say, "if you win you gain, while if I win I merely live? This is unfair."

"Oh, all right," says the dragon petulantly. "If you win, I shall tell you something that may help you in your quest."

I suppose we have no choice in the matter, so- wait, how does it know we're on a quest?

"How do you know I'm on a quest?"

"You're a knight in armor, aren't you? I suppose you're just travelling for pleasure?"

"No, but..."

"SHUT UP AND PLAY!" roars the dragon with a jet of flame.

Alright then, time to play.

"Tamburlane and Jenghiz were of the same occupation. Barbarossa and Attila were not of the same occupation. The man I ate most recently was a Tercelid warrior. Which was he?"

I suspect we'd better get this one right. We're unlikely to get a second guess from this guy.

Alternate Solutions & Deaths

Supposing we answered one of the bridge's questions wrong (aside from our name, though I'd be quite amused if we could've somehow gotten that one wrong), we'd basically die immediately for no apparent reason:

Similarly, we could try attacking the dragon, for all the good it'd do:

We'll have to do this one legit, I'm afraid.