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by Ultiville

Part 10

Give peace a chance, realpolitik!

Where we last left off, Power Struggle making me consider throwing the computer out the window and living in the hills as a hermit, free of the corrupting influence of technology and Magic cards.

The good news is that the random dragons in here are more than compensated for by the fact that this dungeon layout is easy, assuming those two treasures are the two I want.

Conjurers suck, so I just steamroll him and take the treasure.

Sweet. The best card ever. Now if those two are just blocking Library, we can be done with this wretched place.

(I know, I know, some people will defend Black Lotus or Contract from Below as better cards in this game, and they're certainly stellar, but my logic is this: there are times when I don't want to play Lotus or Contract, but there is no realistic time when I'm not really, really happy to play Recall. Early game? One mana to dig for three more answers! Late game? EOT I kill you! I love that card so much.)

The Sea Dragon also proves not quite to have the early game or counter power it needs to resist my pyrotechnic assault.

I get a free Mox against the dragon, and my opening hand is quite nice.

I decide not to drop a land, so as to maximize the Tower.

Unfortunately, I forget that his Mox can cause some havoc with that plan.

Faithful Tim again makes an appearance as I decide that trying to keep my hand full is a pretty dumb idea.

Artifact creatures + Moxes + Ivory Tower + Power Struggle = a situation I don't even like to think about. There were five or six turns in here where each upkeep there'd just be no way of even guessing what might end up under whose control. It was like one of the more disturbing orgy porns. I mean...not that I'd know. Shit.

Eventually, I kill off his creature and drop my Dragon with the confidence that it least it will take a couple of upkeeps for him to "random" his way into stealing it.

In fact, he never manages to, and the Dragon eats him.

I am so out of here.

I head back to town, edit my deck, and take a well-deserved Power Struggle-free break.

Somewhere in there I camped a Tusk Guardian and got another Ivory Tower but I forgot to screenshot it. They have decks full of bad green and white guys, which is not a plan for success against me, so there's not much to tell about the game.

Anyway, the deck is looking good!