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Part 13

Even in the new subforum, the updates continue!

So, where we last left off, the increasingly inaccurately named CounterBurn deck (I rarely bother to counter anything because I'm usually spending all my mana building up, and then just nuking someone out of existence) had progressed to the verge of insanity, and I was attacking the Citadel of the Sun, home of the evil White wizard.

Basically, the deck now functions by dropping tons of fast mana stuff, playing Timetwister or Wheel of Fortune or Ancestral to restock, playing more fast mana stuff, and repeating until either the Shivan shows up or, increasingly, this happens:

As I said, Counterspells don't come up too much, but they do happen from time to time, mostly against really annoying things like Armageddon.

Anyway, this version of the deck is a lot better, and I pretty much destroy everyone on the way to the White Wizard himself:

This game doesn't start all that well.

Luckily I get another land on the next draw and can set up the Forcefield and limit the damage while I scramble for land and play the control game of sucking early damage while setting up.

The Sainted One plays a reasonable White Weenie deck with moxen. He's one of the more dangerous wizards. Here I Disintigrated the White Knight only to get it replaced immediately.

For the second I timetwistered into some mana, Lightning Bolt, Shivan, PsiBlast, and luckily Power Sink, which stopped the Armageddon. I was getting low on life, though.

He pulled out the bottle in response to the Shivan. He got the 5/5, of course, but luckily Forcefield meant I didn't care too much, so long as he attacked with it so the Shivan could swing back.


Yeah, Dingus Egg + Armageddon finishes that one off. How embarrasing. I was pretty well on the back foot that whole game, though.

Luckily I only lose an Unsummon, which I can replace from the collection. Revenge time.

I found this amusing. Doesn't it have two?!? (It does, but apparently either is acceptable.)

Ok, time to go down.

Now this is the kind of start I like to see.

Timetwister is kind as well.

A creature imbalance develops, but this time it is in my favor.

This time he Armageddons without the Dingus Egg, and when I have some mana untapped.

This proves a poor plan.

Elephants can't block dragons!


What the mysteriously black text is saying is that I can take any three white cards of my choice. (This does not include power cards.) I took the ones I thought would sell best, given I don't plan on playing white in the near future.)