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Original Thread: The Safe Word is Buhnerrnerr - Let's Play Magicka [Co-Op VLP]



Magicka is an action adventure roleplaying game set in a world heavily influenced by Scandinavian folklore. It features a somewhat brief campaign, several combat arenas, and a couple of stand-alone DLC chapters for one to four players.

The game was developed by eight students at the Lulea University of Technology in Sweden, and sold over 200,000 copies within 17 days of its Steam release on January 25, 2011.

It features an incredibly deep magic system with simple controls - eight keys activate eight different elements, which are combined into devastating spells.

Magicka is full of pop culture references - from Platoon to Indiana Jones - and brims with a charming sense of humour.

We're going through the game in four-player co-op mode. This game has friendly fire, with no option to turn it off, so I anticipate we are soon going to become our own worst enemies.

I'm aiming to release one episode per week, schedules permitting.

We'll be playing through the main campaign, and then we may take a look at the DLC chapters as well, if we survive.

Steam Community and Livestreams
So, I've set up a little Steam Community where we can set up games, find people to play with, and just circlejerk ourselves into oblivion.

Feel free to sign up!

We're streaming!

Keep an eye on the thread and the steam community - I'll post notices for upcoming streams in which I play co-op with some people from the Steam Group. If you want in on a stream, send me a message or comment on the announcement and I'll try to get you in there.


Chapter 1 - Ye Grimnir! Ye Skapaneda!Youtube
Chapter 2 - This is not a buggy gameYoutube
Chapter 3 - Fragge hinge rakki HavindirYoutube
Chapter 4 - Dispatcha fur KRIEG!Youtube
Chapter 5 - KHAAAAAAA-AAAAAN!!!!Youtube
Chapter 6 - Portus!Youtube
Chapter 7 - Hrolf...Youtube
Chapter 8 - The Aristocrats!Youtube
Chapter 9 - Who could have guessed?Youtube
Chapter 10 - Use your wordsYoutube
Chapter 11 - There's nothing funny about RedditYoutube
Chapter 12 - Yet another twist BystpyoplyYoutube

This is bullshit! My uncle's a senator, I shouldn't be here!Youtube


Chapter 1 - Things sure have changedYoutube
Chapter 2 - Slaying the FishmasterYoutube
Chapter 3 - I need my terror buddy!Youtube

Skippy Granola is the FNG to this game, and will be trying to keep the rest of these jokers in line.

Gharbad the Weak's patented suicide mines ploy will save us from many a sticky situation (we're not mentioning the numerous TPKs)

Krysmphoenix is the self-described Seasoned Veteran of the game, which means he knows all the best spells with which to murder the party.

Kaubocks fucking loves Thunder.

Magicka 101

Krysmphoenix has made it his mission to elevate the level of play in this LP. To that end, he's put together a series of easy-to-follow tutorials that will have us splattering goblins and ganking teammates like gods among men.

Year One: Fundamentals of Verbo-Magickal Theory
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