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Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom

by Nidoking

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Original Thread: I played The Last Guardian six years ago [Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom]



Back in 2010, there was a lot of excitement about Team ICO's follow-up to Shadow of the Colossus, now scheduled to be released shortly on the PS3 and XBox 360. It was to be an epic tale of a boy guiding a giant creature with magical powers through a ruined kingdom, fighting creatures of darkness and learning about the past through beautifully rendered stylistic cutscenes. So when I saw that game at the local Wal-Mart, I bought it, confused as to why so many people seemed convinced that the game was still in development.

Needless to say, this was not the Team ICO game that eventually finally saw the light of day on the PS4 six years later, but I enjoyed it just the same. The story isn't very deep, from what I remember, but the gameplay makes up for it. If you played Game Republic's earlier title Folklore or watched my shamelessly-plugged LP of it, you'll know what to expect in terms of pacing and plot. Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom focuses on the journey of a young thief and a magical creature? golem? spirit? as they try to save the world from encroaching darkness, each for his own reason. They have to work together in combat and to solve puzzles - without the Majin's help, our character will have to resort to stealth rather than fighting most of the enemies in his path. There are lots of hidden upgrades and shortcuts to be found or ignored, and it's just a fun romp all around. Also, there's actual talking. Quite a bit of talking, if you like.

Please keep spoilers in tags, if you must post them. I haven't played this game since beating it when it came out, as will be evident, and I don't remember much of it being worth spoiling, but I'd prefer we discuss only what's happened in the videos. I'll try to keep them short and sweet, and as frequent as I can.

Part 1: The Thief and the Majin Polsy Youtube
Part 2: The Tree of Life Polsy Youtube
Part 3: Hurling Tepeu at a Variety of Things Polsy Youtube
Part 4: The Majin Grows Stronger Polsy Youtube
Part 5: The Majin's First Power Polsy Youtube
Part 6: Caprakan, the First Dark General Polsy Youtube
Part 7: Night Terrors Polsy Youtube
Part 8: Moving Bridges Polsy Youtube
Part 9: The Majin is Thirsty Polsy Youtube
Part 10: Zap! Polsy Youtube
April Fools' bonus video Polsy Youtube
Part 11: B'alam, the Dark Prime Minister Polsy Youtube
Part 12: Jump on my Back Polsy Youtube
Part 13: Royal Darkness Navy Headquarters Polsy Youtube
Part 14: Water That Burns Polsy Youtube
Part 15: The Majin is on Fire Polsy Youtube
Part 16: Tlaloc, the Dark Admiral Polsy Youtube
Part 17: Humans Love Sparkles Polsy Youtube
Part 18: The Majin is Having Fun Polsy Youtube
Part 19: The Majin Makes Things Sparkle Polsy Youtube
Part 20: Ixtab, the Dark Queen Polsy Youtube
DLC Bonus 1: Easy Missions Polsy Youtube
DLC Bonus 2: Stealth Challenge Polsy Youtube
DLC Bonus 3: Puzzle Challenge Polsy Youtube
Part 21: The Laboratory and the Bridge Polsy Youtube
Part 22: The Final Memory Shard Polsy Youtube
DLC Bonus 4: A Notable Improvement Polsy Youtube
Part 23: Return to the Castle Polsy Youtube
DLC Bonus 5: Too Many Monkeys Polsy Youtube
Part 24: Princess Toci Polsy Youtube
Finale: The Majin is Not Strong Enough Polsy Youtube

Character profiles:

Tepeu: A nameless thief who lives on his own in the forest. He has the ability to talk to animals, including the Majin. The Majin calls him "Tepeu", but doesn't seem to know why. He wields the key that sealed the Majin, now infused with the Majin's power, making it a formidable weapon against the Warriors of Darkness.

Teotl: A.k.a. The Majin, a.k.a. the protector god, a.k.a. angel, demon, guardian, any number of other titles. He's been imprisoned for a century, since the fall of the kingdom, but doesn't seem to remember much from before that. All he remembers is the girl he once protected and now needs to save. His once-great magical powers have been sealed inside fruit.
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