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by Feinne

Part 3: Chapter 2 Lead In

”Size doesn’t matter.” – Demon Lord Mikros, shortly before being eaten by a transdimensional star-whale. Presumed dead.

Zetta was still whining about the monsters in his Netherworld.

Video- “Overlord Babylon”

See the Dragon Overlord

B-But… I didn’t do it!
Um, excuse me Zetta… Even though it was all Micky’s fault this time, aren’t netherworlds supposed to be full of monsters?
Uh, you can’t have a netherworld without monsters, can you? It’s kind of a universal truth…don’t you think?
Hm… I see your point. I actually had to kill a lot of monsters in order to get my first netherworld.
See? Exactly. So it makes sense for roving monsters and wild demons to be in the Netherworld.
Oh, um, by the way, Zetta, another assistant should be on the way.
Who is it this time!?

Zetta got all quiet for a bit.

(No, that’d never happen. She left of her own free will… Salome wouldn’t dare show her face again.)
Here he is… …Uh, it’s about time.

And the old man really did take a while to get here.

My eyesight isn’t what it used to be…
So I ran into a few planets on the way here.
I’m…assuming they were destroyed. I, I must apologize.
It’s an honor, Dragon Overlord Babylon. I thought you were retired.
Nonsense! I’m in my prime. Youngin’s like you are no match for my experience.

He might be old and out of shape, but you can’t argue with the sort of power that accidentally destroys planets. Well, more like you ‘shouldn’t’ argue with it.

He was unbeatable back then… but they say the brain is the first thing to go.

You also should just let him sleep if he’s going to, I guess.

Hey, uh… Pram? Is this really a good idea?
I don’t think you have much choice. You do want your body back, don’t you?
My body…?
Yeah, if we keep recording wishes, and the Netherworld returns to normal, your body will, too.
Y-you serious!?
I’m an Oracle, aren’t I? Uh, just leave it to Pram, kay? Tee hee…
I suppose that’s all settled… So? Why was I summoned?
I’d like you to record your wishes for a new netherworld on Zetta, here.
Ah, I see.

I was really going to ask this before he told us not to.

After what happened with Micky, we’re still arguing about who has to write in the silly thing, though. I mean we came all this way, but on the other hand actually helping Zetta? Yeah…

Overlord Feinne on Makai Kingdom
Each chapter from now on we have to choose which Overlord will make the wish in the Sacred Tome for our new Netherworld. This will change the names of the maps in the chapter and what they have in them. For the thread, I’ll leave it up to you, the viewer. Our options are:

Micky: Very average maps with enemies conceptually like the ones in the first chapter.

Babylon: More enemies, and of some potentially strange types. More enemies doesn’t necessarily mean harder maps, though, if they’re lower level or of weak varieties.

Pram: Fewer enemies, but with an emphasis on magic users. Magic users can hit very hard at times, so even with fewer of them the maps can be much harder if we’re not careful.

Voting on which Overlord we’ll have create us a new world will end Thursday at midnight EST when I start playing Chapter 2.