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Part 9: Mysterious Girl (Part 2)

”Ever the Netherworld moves forward as the constant wars been Overlords drive a search for newer and more devastating methods of combat.” – unknown

Video- “Pram’s Offering”

Watch the Battle

The fourth map of Chapter 3 is really a demo of how battle inside a facility works. In a lot of ways it’s like what happened when you threw an enemy into the Base Panel in Disgaea. You hop your characters into the empty slots, and when you Execute a fight will start. Your characters will, one by one, be pitted up against the enemy until one side is all dead. You’ll be able to get a good idea of how you’ll do once you start:

It’s telling us here how many characters we have left in and how many the enemies do, as well as the relative strength of what’s here. That we have two characters strong enough for it to call them ‘Norm’ versus none on the other side pretty much guarantees we’ll win this, and though K.D. the Infantry does actually manage to lose after a long fight with the second enemy Feinne mk2 proceeds to sushi the rest in seconds after that. Watch the video if you want to see it in action, the whole thing is just a couple of minutes because the entire map is one facility with four enemies. This map is a fantastic place to farm because it’s fast and once we get substantially higher level we can start farming the facility they’re in for Mana.

This is a random map without any set extensions. Strongly consider just ending it when you get enough points, it’s likely to be time consuming and annoying.

Video- “Pram’s Star Worls”

Watch the Battle

This final map is going to introduce an exciting new concept in its final extension, as you’d expect from this game so far. Let’s talk about how it starts first. We’re up against two Infantry with rifles, a robot with a Gatling Gun, and a robot with a Drill. Watch out for the spread of the Gatling, you can get seriously ruined by it if you’re not careful. Once I kill the Key (one of the robots) my very worst fears are realized and the greatest horror Pram’s extensions can unleash rose from the murky depths of my fears:


Corn men are definitely the most threatening monster type in the game. They are brutally powerful casters and will surely decimate you if you don’t assign them the highest possible priority as soon as you see them. I’m totally serious, too. Fuck Corn men and their fucking Omega spells at high levels. The final extension is fixed and is where we see our real new stuff.

First we see an odd facility, the Laboratory, with a Professor in it. Professors are a very cool class we’re about to get that is great with heavy weapons like bazookas. They’re pretty important for another one of this game’s new aspects, which you can sort of see on that screen…

Yep that’s a tank all right. Vehicles are something unique to the Kingdom, and they’re a real pain in the ass to deal with when the enemy has them. They’re tough to kill with most weapons and we can’t even touch the person in them until they’re dead.

Vehicles require a character to drive them, of course, and high TEC characters get more out of them than others. That’s all you really need to know to fight vehicles, we’ll talk more about how to use them in Chapter 4 when we’ve actually got one. Anyway there are also two Steel Titans on this map that pop out of facilities that improve their DEF. They’re not a real threat compared to that Gear Metal LEX and the trooper in it though. Once we blow them all up, the Chapter’s done.

Video- “Pram’s Star World Outro”

Watch the Scene

Hmm… Alex…?

No, it wasn’t Alex… But, who besides him would try to attack me?
What’s that?

Wh-What the--!? Just as I thought, it HAD to be Alex!
Did he come here just to mock me!? …I’ll knock that bastard down a peg or two…
Eh? Wait a minute… That sounded just like—

It’s the same person who rewrote the Sacred Tome… Who would dare slander my name!?
…Could Alex really have written that crap in the Sacred Tome?