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Part 10: Chapter 4 Lead In

”Any title beyond the basic Overlord was either earned through reputation or claimed by arrogance. Woe to those who lust after titles and mistake the former for the latter…” – ‘The Zenon Affair’, Usagi

Zetta came back convinced that Alex is behind his current… issue.

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Huh…? Yeah, guess so.
Something wrong? What’s on your mind—er, your page?
Looks like Alex is behind everything. The loss of the Netherworld, my body…

I’m not sure exactly what the situation is but it certainly works in my favor.

What evidence do you have, young Zetta?
Well, I found this piece of paper.

I do wonder where Zetta exactly got that though.

Tee hee… “Stupid Lord Zetta.” It sounds like something he’d say.
Then, it was no accident that Zetta lost his netherworld.
Do you really think one piece of paper proves Alex is at fault?
It makes sense. Alexander, God of Destruction, could certainly do all that.
…Yes. I’m sure he did everything.
Pram’s an oracle, so if she says it, it must be true.
Mystery solved! Go Zetta! Graah ha ha ha!

Seedle was the first to notice something was off.

Eh!? Is Alex coming to attack us?

I say! What the hell is going on?
Okay, nobody panic, it’s just…
…He’s certainly the last person I ever expected to show up.

But seriously that guy wasn’t even invited.

Bwa ha ha ha ha! You’ve all waited so patiently, and now I’ve finally arrived!
I’m the king of the universe, the galactic hero, the creator of all things decently sized!
Say my name if you know it… I am…
King Drake the third!

I’m sure you heard what he said, so there’s not much to add… Oh, he’s a moron.

I mean seriously, I was pretty careful to make sure he wasn’t informed.

I heard what happened. Don’t worry, I will set you free!
Well, it looks like I have plenty of help already, you can go now. …Seriously, get lost.
Wah ha ha ha ha! Nonsense! What else are friends for?
It’s okay, isn’t it Zetta? It never hurts to have more friends.
Ha ha ha, you can’t be serious. Since when have we been friends? Should we all hold hands?
It would be easier on these old bones if we had more help…
Aha! I understand perfectly! Never fear, King Drake the third will fight hard for his new friends!
Haaaa ha ha ha ha!

Overlord Feinne on Makai Kingdom
You know the drill. We get a new option this time around, King Drake.

I have no idea what ‘Skillful’ means. Maybe TEC characters? Who knows.