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Part 11: Looting Question (Part 1)

”Never trust a friendly Overlord.” – Netherworld proverb

Overlord Feinne on Makai Kingdom:
Okay let’s talk vehicles for a bit. It’s just talk for the moment because I personally don’t like vehicles that much and they don’t fit into my plans very often. Still, I can explain how they work.

So vehicles work sort of like a little one-character facility. A character gets into them and drives them around. As long as the vehicle is alive the character can’t be killed by an enemy attack, no matter how strong. A vehicle has its own stat-line, which is actually impacted by the driver. Basically, the driver should always have higher TEC than the vehicle, and the higher the better. Low TEC drivers won’t be able to get much out of a vehicle.

We can also now create support staff for vehicles, the Mechanic and Professor. The Mechanic is a Healer and Merchant combined for vehicles, repairing damage to them and selling vehicle-specific equipment. These are purchased with special currency called Materials instead of the normal currency, which we get from the bonus meter or from selling things. The Professor has an interesting role. First of all, her level improves what we see at the Mechanic and gives us a discount. She also allows us to level vehicles up. When vehicles get experience, they don’t level up on their own. Instead, we need to spend Materials at the Professor to power them up.

So why don’t I like using vehicles that much? Well, first of all they take up a lot of space in facilities, which makes it awkward to deliver them far upfield. They also just don’t do enough damage to make up for the fact that they’re taking up an extra slot on the field and therefore reducing our max Combo count. There are certainly times when they’re valuable but they’re mainly just really nasty annoying things the enemy uses to piss you off. Oh, and I recruited a few new people.

The Mechanic is an interesting sort of character. He’s a master of short-range TEC weapons and honestly that’s all he’s really good at. He can be really good when you’ve got a need for weapons like that (they often are anti-facility), and since he’s a vendor he’s easy to keep leveled up so keep him in mind.

The Professor is the premiere heavy weapons platform among human characters. She’s got massive TEC on her own and a great TEC aptitude. She’s also got a lot of INT and I could easily see using reincarnation to get her some magic to really take advantage of it. She can be a bit slow so consider leaving a slot open so she can be thrown or, come to think of it, getting her the passive skill from our last new friend’s higher tier incarnations.

Idols are basically awesome and I love having them around. They’re a monster support caster, and they have ridiculous SP and RES aptitudes. Not only that, but they have passive +Move added onto that hilarious base 55 move and the ability to use rapiers. They’re good to have leveled up at least until you unlock their fifth tier because they’re a very attractive class to incarnate as for a while. They also let you repaint your vehicles between maps.

Oh yeah, and Chapter 3 gave us an amazing gift and you should be using it whenever you create new characters or do reincarnation right now. 3-4 is easy and quick, and always gives you a full Bonus Meter. With a bit of luck you can get enough experience for several levels out of the Meter for a whole group of weak characters as well as money and items. It’s pretty easy to get people up to about ten just off of splash experience, with your facility squad actually doing even better since they get experience for the kills in there.

Drake has to be up to something.

Video- “The Gorgeous King Intro”

Watch the Scene

Hey, it’s Pram! I didn’t expect to see you here.
Cut the crap. How’d you know we were here without being invited?
You’re planning something… So out with it!
How could you suspect me of foul play? A lesser Overlord would be insulted…
I am King Drake the third. I swear by the Underworld below that I have nothing to hide.
You’d better hope so… I don’t want you doing anything stupid.

But for the moment, there’s no way to know what. And I doubt it has to do with Zetta’s latest… issue.

Earlier, on Makai Kingdom…

I am called Raiden. As per my master’s orders, I am here to destroy you.
So, uh, let me guess… You’re the reason my Netherworld is supposed to be destroyed?
Bwa ha ha ha! I’m a freakin’ Overlord, you idiot! …The strongest one in the entire cosmos.
Are you really the best warrior that prophecy could send? I’ll crush you like a grape!

And how did he find Zetta in a whole new Netherworld?

Lord Zetta… This time, I will destroy you for sure.
I admire your rash vindictiveness. Tell me, Raiden, what’s your motive?
Stop! You won’t escape! Don’t let him get away!

Today’s maps are all sort of long and will work just as well explained as watched, though I can provide videos of anything if anyone’s interested.

The first map is the only really scary one in 4-1. We’re up against five obvious enemies and two more in a Facility. There are a few extensions but nothing set. ‘Skilled’ by the way seems to mean lots of Swordsmen and Swordswomen as well as some Idols and a few other miscellaneous things. Anyway once you blow through the first map here the rest should be no real issue.

This one is even easier, since you’re in a much less immediately perilous situation at the start. As long as your levels are in good shape you should be able to blow through this like a shotgun through paper.

This is an absolutely huge map with numerous extensions. It’s actually a bit dangerous because of that, since it’s easy for slow characters to get left behind if you get in too much of a rush. The first section has an incredibly dangerous Merchant with a Mallet, take her out before she can act because Mallet attacks reduce character levels PERMANENTLY. The middle extensions are a mix of tiny ones with a few enemies and large ones who sometimes have more opposition. The last Extension has most of the points and is the really dangerous one, there’s a Lighthouse with a high level Swordswoman, one who has an Invite counter, a vehicle and a bunch of normal enemies. Try not to end up with only a few characters up against this because you can end up in really bad shape. Otherwise this isn’t really that bad, as long as your levels are in good shape you should be able to win the brawl at the end.