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Part 12: Looting Question (Part 2)

”It is said that a great and terrible Overlord has secured the allegiance of lightning itself…” – unknown

Chapter 4-4 is another pretty straightforward map with nothing really unique about it. We do see an interesting Extension here, Just My Luck:

This is another one that debuffs the entire map, I’m not sure exactly what this one does honestly but it can’t be good. It might be the one that reduces stats overall. Keeping Clerics, Medics, or Idols around just in case to Espoir debuffs like this is always worthwhile. You might even be able to cast them on Zetta and hit the whole map if you don’t care that it hits the enemies too. Anyway that’s done, the rest of this is much more interesting.

Video- “The Lovely King”

Watch the Battle

Okay, let’s start with the problem in this map:

No, you’re not crazy. There is a level 209 samurai here. Needless to say we aren’t even going to be able to significantly injure a character like that. You might also notice we only need a hundred points, though. And way down the map there is one more enemy:

Now, this is more like it. So, we need to get down the field and kill this guy before we die to the unstoppable death machine we saw earlier. That’s what I’d say if I was bad at this game. But I’m not, and we’re finishing this map before little miss level 209 can even act. I’ve got that Warehouse all loaded up with everyone who is any good, and Invite it as far from Zetta as possible. Then one by one I pop weaker characters who can move relatively far out, have them lift the Warehouse, move as far as they can, and throw it. I repeat until I’m in range of the target, pop out everyone who can, and kill him. Map over. If you want to see this in action, there’s a video. We’ll also be seeing this highly successful strategy in later chapters.

Zetta was chasing after the assassin, Raiden.

Video- “The Space King Intro”

Watch the Scene

It seems this was all a trap, though. That makes this the second time Alex has appeared out of nowhere in one of these Netherworlds…

Ahaahahahahaha! You’re like a cockroach, Zetta! Why won’t you die!?
Alex, Raiden was your…?
I knew you were behind this!
Ah, you guessed correctly for once! Raiden’s been acting at my command!
I guess I underestimated you… I didn’t think you were such a coward!
You couldn’t beat me without rewriting the Sacred Tome and taking my body!
…Huh? What are you talking about?
Ha, all I did was send Raiden to kill you…
I know you’re pathetic, miserable, and weak…but don’t pin all your problems on me!

Unfortunately, it became quite clear that Alex had nothing to do with Zetta’s ‘accident’.

So… You really didn’t write in the Sacred Tome?

Indeed, he doesn’t even know what the Sacred Tome IS. When he’s literally looking right at it. Man is he dumb.

(Okay, what’s going on? Alex hasn’t even heard of the Sacred Tome…)
I think it’s about time I did a little length editing of my own…
Raiden! Tear out this bastard’s pages.
So long, Zetta… If you manage to limp away, we’ll meet again!
H-Hey, Alex, wait! I still have more questions!

Video- “The Space King”

Watch the Boss Fight

Alright, and here’s our very first real boss stage. Our first map has us up against three catsabers. They should be exterminated immediately, they’re fragile but can do some serious damage. The first extension is small and should be pretty sparsely populated, it’s not really a thing. No, what you need to be worried about is the last one and Raiden.

Raiden is the only source of points large enough to finish this map, so you’re going to have to kill him. His buddies include two monsters with Bazookas, two with Gatlings, and in that building two Helldam vehicles driven by monsters with Flamethrowers. Raiden himself uses Drums just as he did in the tutorial. He’s level 22 now but still has a massive pile of health to push through. Let him come in and pound him down with a giant combo before he can attack, as long as you’ve got some heavy single target hitters like someone with a katana or axe you’ll be in great shape to kill him before he can do anything to you and finish the map. I kick the shit out of this map pretty quickly, honestly.

Zetta thinking things through is not a good thing.

Video- “The Space King Outro”

Watch the Scene

For the God of Destruction, he’s a pretty straight-shooter.
He wouldn’t lie to my face…
Dammit! Then, who the hell set me up?

And Trenia continues to be an annoyance.

If you didn’t know what was going on, you wouldn’t dare call me a wannabe.
Answer me! How much do you know!?
Hmhm, I know eeeeeeverything hm,hm.
Everything!? …Ugh, you’re bluffing.

I really can’t tell whether she’s serious or just messing with me.

But if it’s the second, she’s doing a very good job…